Genre: Fakings, Montse Swinger, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Milf, Boobs, Big ass, BBW

Montse Swinger - Tourist broad VS Iberian broad... La Montse, who likes to make friends around the world ;) [HD 720P]

Video Description: At FAKings, we love to introduce you to our actresses, even though they have already appeared on more occasions... But in the case of Montse Swinger... There are plenty of introductions; Let's not play dumb, YOU ALL know who the SPANISH MILF is! Let's say that her fame has been earned through fuck after fuck, scene after scene. Well, it turns out that a while ago, Montse has been traveling and expanding her experiences beyond our borders... So much so that she has found a couple of tourist with an apparent fondness for "having a good time" The English aren't known for making themselves understood... verbally talking, but where words do not reach, the real UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE arrives. And in that, friends... Montse is fluent like no others... So here we leave you a new Monste Swinger's late Erasmus adventure, full of mature lust!

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Genre: Fakings, Lola Emme, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Milf, BBC

Lola Emme - Lola and her MONSTERCOCK deja vu. A loose TIGRESS at Jesus' crib! Dude, all them babes want an encore ;-D [HD 720P]

Video Description: 'Sup, dudes! Jesus Reyes here, your trusty Cuban stud ;-D It's been a long time, hasn't it? But be calm, 'cause we're going to see a lot of La Porno House around here now. To inaugurate the season, we have the ultimate confirmation for a thing many of us knew already: That any girl that tries my GIANT CUBAN HORSEDICK, does it again! This time the lucky girl was no one else than Lola Emme, that Latin fire-loving Latina and her ENORMOUS TITTIES are back here to receive a new chocolate feast, and so we'll be able to watch that amazing body again and watch how she moves it. But before, in order to start the fire out, she sends me a video of herself masturbating, 'cause she knows she has to be really wet before she can stick my horsedick in... That's the spirit! After that and a really hot shower, Lola is ready to try my cock again and to remember the old times: Wild sex with a Latin lady tiger, the kind we like so much.

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Genre: Fakings, Sia Briana, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Milf

Sia Briana - The joker sucker and Sia, the fit mature. She's 40, he's 19... admit it, you'll never see yourself in a situation like this. This is MILF Club! [HD 720P]

Video Description: MILF CLUB! What's FAKings without one if its FLAGSHIP SHOWS? Why do we enjoy so much watching an experienced woman versed in the noble arts, perviing and educating young himbos? Well, today you've got a sportsy MILF with a hot full tattooed body. VCatalonian lady Sia Briana, already known in this house and dying to give away a MASTER CLASS for all the unexperienced boys who can get under her influence, the younger the better... So we took her indications by the book and brought a young sucker who's LESS THAN HALF HER AGE!. That's right, chums, he really could be her own son. Well, this sucker's a nerdy lad, quite unexperienced (not that he lacks the wish) and a bit anxious, but really a comedian (He really must be the soul of the party when playing Call of Duty with his nerd friends). He rushes in the start, but the voice of experience will call him to order to make things EXACTLY AS SHE WANTS... It's a great show to watch a woman in her forties and such a HOT BODY, everything in its right place... A delight, friends, so let's ENJOY.

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Genre: Fakings, Lucia Fernandez, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Boobs, RedHead

Lucia Fernandez - The BUSTY one falls in the trap: BUSTED!! Sneaky sex, lots of titfucks and the UNLEASHED Lucia: She tought there were no one there:))) [HD 720P]

Video Description: Welcome back, friends of lust! Today we bring something that you love, and as you know, our studios are ALWAYS very "alive". And it is that one of our company policies is "never turn off the cameras"; even more so if the GODDESS Lucia Fernandez (AKA Lucia the big boobs) is hanging around the studios doing things. The point is that our favorite busty redhead was doing a "solo" where she, well... showed us her many virtues in front of the camera, when suddenly one of our biggest STUDS walked into the studio by mistake... Well, in other types of dishes it would be solved with a "sorry" closing the door again; but here it becomes a very horny invitation from Lucia to Jason to LIVEN UP, her video; in which it ends up being a fuck between two porn beasts on a fixed camera that will surely cheer you up on hot summer afternoons and cold winter nights. Blessed unexpected interruptions, blessed cameras on and blessed you, followers!

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Genre: Fakings, Crow Sniff, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, RedHead

Crow Sniff - 19 years and she's only teasted one cock. Looking for love at FIRST FAKings? Hot-made confessions from Crow that end up in laids [HD 720P]

Video Description: First FAKings! Your favorite blind dates are back. Where others offer you two people that will maybe find love, we're bringing you twho people that WILL FUCK FOR SURE! And today's are, on one side, Crow Sniff, a white little redhead doll, only 19 years old, that confesses us that, after a pretty-inexistent sexual life (She's only tasted 1 cock in all of her life), she's looking for love or anything that comes after in the Internet's hottest dates. Her couple for today will be Arek, a bold Latin dude that doesn't have any problem with telling us that he's come to fuck, and pretty much nothing but it. And that's how this potential couple meet each other: Talking about their common hobbies and without thinking twice when jumping into the actio. Crow comes to be taught, to be dominated and she wants men that can do anything with her. And the guy doesn't miss the chance! Lots of sex, hot country nakedness and, as the cherry on top, a SPECIAL GUEST that joins the fray: The thing about country shoots, it's that sometimes unexpected voyeurs arrive! ;-P

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Genre: Fakings, Korin, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Boobs, Big ass, Mila, Anal

Korin: MILF, GREAT TITS, GREAT ASS AND ANAL ORGASM. To this day, she had never received a good assfuck [HD 720P]

Video Description: Once again, our public service drives us to yet another unsatisfied mature, Korin, if you can remember. Not so long ago she debuted in one of our blind dates show, stating that her objective and reason to be in porn was to fuck, at last, as much as she couldn't in her private life. Finally on set, Korin talks about? her story. She comes from several relationships, each more disappointing than the last one. She says she baraly remembers what an orgasm is! That's ending todayk, friends. Because today our pal Jason is showing her the good stuff. We want to give Korin an unforgettable experience And we're so commited to it, we send Jason the moment she gets in the shower, as a prelude of what's in reserve for her. Korin, of course, needs no excuse to jump on banging him. But bros, that's just the starters. When she comes out of the shower, after she masturbates for us, Jason arrives and the show begins. The real surprise comes next: Korin is so horny she demands her ass fucked! And Jason, an obedient boy, complies and performs an ass fucking session you can't miss :-D

Genre: Fakings, Moli, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Hairy

Moli - My name is Moli, I sell clothes at the flea market and I wanna fuck my employee. FAKings, publish my video! [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hiya! ;))) I'm Moli and I want to tell you about this. Let's cut to the chase, I WANT TO BE A PORN PERFORMER! I always enjoyed fucking, and I love when people look at me, so this can be my perfect jam. I'm from Argentina, and since I arrived I've been working here in barcelona, at a flea market stall. Not that it's going bad, but I want a side hustle and I onow who's gonna "help" jhahaha. I've got this employee, really shy but always handy :-D And I'M BANGING HIM HERE for my hidden camera. I called him here at the storeroom, with the excuse of moving some boxes, and watch the new clothes I got for sale. I'm taking the opportunity to undress in front of him and teasing him with every outfit I try. Until he cannot resist and assault me and get his ration of my ROUND LITTLE ASS and my beautiful natural tits. I think they deserve it, hahah. Come on, FAKings, wish me luck, but the way this boy looks at me, I won't need it. See you soon, FAKings!

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Genre: Fakings, Megan Fiore, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Boobs, BBC

Megan Fiore - SPEED DATING with Megan. 2 freshmen, a LIONESS... Can I keep both? [HD 720P]

Video Description: In every one of our blind dates, there's always place for surprise! Today we had the mission of shooting ITALIAN GODDESS Megan Fiore, after a hidden cam and a great anal fuck, she's on her way to pro. Her main dish for today was 2 UNEXPERIENCED FRESHMEN, but we wanted to give the show a twist: instead of using a screen, we decided she would see the boys, BUT! she's having only 7 minutes for each one pf them: Time enough to ask any question... and any other thing she wants. :-D First one, declared pussy eating lover, gives Megan just that. And we can tell she enjoys it, watching her pleasure faces. We need to separate them after those 7 minutes end! Second one is this young mulatto guy, with a huge cocke Magan can't take her eyes off of from the first glance. and she gives him a blowjob he's not forgetting anytime soon. What a debut in porn! Again we have difficiulties separating them when time runs out, and then comes the moment of truth: Who will Megan fuck? This is FAKings and there's always surprises in FAKings. Because Megan can't decide for just one of those guys. So her decision is simple: She will fuck both two! Yeah, dudes, Megan is a woman of straight ideas: IN DOUBT, THREESOME! A spectacular fuck between two freshmen and a sex goddess for which a single dick is never enough!

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Genre: Fakings, Nicky Ferrari, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Milf

Nicky Ferrari - Me to Palencia, you to Hollywood. Separated at birth? I fuck my "COUSIN", as the saying goes: "blood is thicker than water ;)" [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hi guys, I'm Pablo Ferrari and this is my profile at LoverFans. As you know I've been fucking all over the world for years, and I've never seen myself in one like it. The fact is that from my LoverFans I get many girls who, taking advantage of my fame, want to record with me. Obviously, as a respectful and attentive gentlemen, I agree to each of the requests that come to me. In that one day I see that a certain "Nicky Ferrary (here's her profile at LoverFans)" writes to me: "I am Latina and I have a lot of ties with Spain, we share the same last name: Could we be cousins? hehehe." This is when all my alarms go off and my cock tells me: "We've never fucked a cousin..." Problem? I'm in Palencia and she's in Los Angeles, right fellas, in Hollywood itself. So, here I go. When I arrive I find a most affectionate and hot Latina, a mature woman... almost a MILF who receives me with an eagerness that practically does not allow me to go to freshen up and walk around the city of Los Angeles, so there is no choice but to browse for the walk of fame, go for a drink at a restaurant where he spreads his legs and masturbates under the table and continue getting horny on the way to the apartment. Once there, what am I going to tell you, getting between the incredible BIG BOOBS of this incredible woman, is something that I had never experienced and what you will envy me when you watch the video. I won't tell you more, just that I'm going to continue hunting for more LoverFans girls to drive them the "Palentine key" ;)

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Genre: Fakings, Jennifer Dominic, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Milf, Boobs, Big Tits, Big ass

Jennifer Dominic - HUGE BOOBS as big as 2L COKE BOTTLE: Jennifer swaps DADDIES for FRESH SUCKERS. Deepthroating balls deep too 8-0 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Here we are again! Have you ever stopped to think about the turns and twists in life? It never ceases to amaze. One day, they call you to clean a home, stuff gets interesting, they give you an extra bonus for sexual humanitarian services, they film you with hidden cameras and you end up being the black muse of half of the country... Those are the stories we like here! After that hidden camera we set up, Jennifer decided to count on us to expand the FAKings family and here she is. Ready to make the world shinier with those HUGE AWESOME NATURAL BOOBS who could eclipse the sun, if they wished to, and able to titwank a 2L BOTTLE, WITHOUT BREAKING A SWEAT. This ebony Goddess is charged with corrupting a young innocent freshman who comes dressed as the rookie that he is and says he has only fucked with a girlfriend he had... He's MILF CLUB fodder. Today, Jennifer Dominic will feast on this sucker and will show him what's a MATURE woman, with burning curves of latina flame. Time for tnjoying the show!

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Genre: Fakings, Adely Ruiz, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore

Adely Ruiz - Teenage girl-next-door wants to pass the HARD TEST: Sluttying around San Isidro with Adely! "I'm excited by VERY NERVOUS :-P" [HD 720P]

Video Description: Yes, fellas! We knew you were crazy for seeing her again, and thankfully she's here today: Adely Ruiz, the jewel that back in the day made her porn debut by banging none other than her landlord "Whoy wouldn't want to fuck a beautiful Latina like me?", comes back to us decided to become a real porn model. But before giving her the ok, we need to know her and we need to know for sure whether she deserves, so we kill two birds with one stone when meeting her in her 'hood of San Isidro, in Madrid and inviting her to show it to us and to prove she's got what we needs. So that's where we meet her, we watch how she's even better in person (We didn't think it could be posible), and after she tells us she comes excited but nervous, she shows us her 'hood, her favorite places and, of course, her teenage pussy without being shy, even pissing in a toilet for you to enjoy. And so, when we're at last this girl has it, we take her to our studio, when an old acquaintance of us awaits: That bouncer we met thanks to Yiyi, that has exchanged bouncing for making girls bounce, and that's what this young latina is going to enjoy. And so Adely becomes a true pornstar with this show of sex: The first of many!

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Genre: Fakings, Carolina Lorca, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore

Carolina Lorca - Sweet Carolina wants to stop being a GOOD GIRL. Transformation process in 3, 2, 1 by means of a shafting [HD 720P]

Video Description: Sweet Carolina wants to stop being a GOOD GIRL. Transformation process in 3, 2, 1 by means of a shafting

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Genre: Fakings, Lidia Maria, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Milf

Lidia Maria - 7 YEARS LATER: Lidia Maria is back! They young milk babe is now a RACY MOMMY... And wants "Pleasing young dudes" :-D [HD 720P]

Video Description: Friends, we're so happy! :-D This 2022 is becoming a year for reunions: we got already back Indiana, Sandra, Araceli, Lucia... and today we've got someone we really missed: Lidia Maria! More than 7 years ago we busted a young lost lady at Atocha Station and decided to be naughty with her :-D To find not only she enjoyed fucking, she was good at it. We were lucky enough to watch her tasting Jordi Polla's huge dick, and above everything else, she did something never seen here: a round of milk on our little jordi's face! We can't forget about that. That's why we were freaking out when we received her mail: Is really her? She is, friends, and not only that, she comes back as a HOT MATURE, craving for "Young accomodating boys" to teach about sex. We've got just plenty of that! Lidia comes back level-headed, talking about her debut and masturbating, showing a hairy pussy anxious to receive a young boy. When the boy comes at last (After Lidia pees for us ;-D) she jumps on him, who still can't believe his luck. "Can I eat him already?" asks our friend, and no way back. Lidia makes a royal comeback and this scene can't be less than that. A true lecture on how to satisfy a woman is what this boy is learning! And Lidia will have at last her needs for young boys met. First of many, we guess! :-D

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Genre: Fakings, Inna Black, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore

Inna Black - The Granadan tourist knows Seville "Deeply"! Inna Vs Kryptocock: IN PUBLIC it does taste better ;-P [HD 720P]

Video Description: Friends, today we've got something special: as bad times get behind and we can go on tourist trips again, we decided to do our FAKings brand tourism: where we met Monica visiting and making a show of herself across the capital, or anal goddess Joana being drilled in a cableway car in Madrid, today we're in Seville to do the same with redhaired teen Inna, fresh arrived from Granada. And while we're on it, showing how much of an exhibitionist slut is this young girl :-P She's met by Bobelo, our pwn porn superman, to show her the great views she can admire in the pearl of Guadalquivir river, and propose her some challegnes she must conquer to be one of our FAKings piglets: downtown exhibitionism, alley blowjobs, surrender her panties while she's having a soft drink at the terrace... If she succeeds, she'll earn meeting firsthand porn Superman... and his kryptonite! SPOILER ALERT, DUDES: Inna passes her tests with gugh grades. This is an adventurous girl for sure!

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Genre: Fakings, Valen Pink, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore

Valen Pink - Madrid is burning? "La Latina" is aflame with her new "Goddess". Valenpink, 100x100 shameless [HD 720P]

Video Description: How to forget about Valen Pink! A latina goddess who left us speechless with a hidden camera where she banged her best friend using Tiktok as excuse. She had to come again and here she is again: Valen comes shameles, ready to show her favourite places in town across la Latina, and of course expose herself in every and each one of them. At last we can have a peek of those PRETTY NATURAL TITS and that fiery latina fire burning. Valen takes us to her favourite cafe to tell about herself, how "the shier the boy is, the hornier she gets". There's time left to visit her favourite shop and see some underwear, to tease us even more. After such a preliminary time, we finally get to our set where she teases us even more, exposing herself and masturbating in the shower. When the boy finally comes, there's no more room for playing games: Time to fuck! A latino hot body devouring a fresh sucker whole, who can't believe how lucky he is. An we can't either!

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