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Andrea Blonde - She Andrea vs Don Jorge... or how can we be such dicks on FAKings. 23yo girl vs 53yo old fart. [HD 720P]

Video Description: Friends of FAKings, what would become of us if we didn't play tricks on our beloved actors and actresses? (Always from the "honey" ;)) Being aware of the success of the Yoga MasterClass that Barbara Grey hit Don Jorge... We have said, And why not go a little further, and go from the flexibility of yoga to the strength of fitness? Said and done! Introducing Andrea! A very strong Romanian girl (in all senses) who usually trains lifting weights of up to 80 kg, or in FAKings language... 2 Don Jorge ;) She will be the one in charge of putting him in the air, and this girl confessed to us that she had never had a flesh and blood doll that she could lift into the air and do whatever she wanted with it... Yes, we're bastards, but to be the porn of the town, sometimes you have to throw yourself into the mud, or as in this case, blow up a bit ;) So now it's your turn, folks. It's time to get comfortable, and enjoy this BEAUTY doing what she likes the most... FUCKING like a BITCH and lift deadweight :)) Don Jorge, you're gonna have serious cramps next week!

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Category: Latina / Teen

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Paola White - "I really want to meet you". Who can say NO to a goddess like Paola. Phone Bustings Returns by treachery and night [HD 720P]

Video Description: Yeah friends, you've read it right: PHONE BUSTINGS are back! And honestly, they do it BIG TIME, with none other than Paola White, a CUBAN GODDESS that lives in Leganes that back on the time she told us that shame was not for her. Today's test, the same for every one of our previous Phone Bustings: Paola will have to call several random dudes in the street, while public masturbating, and convince 'em to do a porno with her. Being Paola as she is, we suspect it's not going to take long... But time is not in our side! And she gets a refusal after another, by people that's not in the mood for fucking a Cuban broad at 11.00 pm. And frankly, it's their loss, 'cause at the end we do end up finding an Andalusian guy with the eagerness and the necesary bravery to accept Paola's offer. The die is cast! We take 'em to our studio so they can give it everything. And man, they sure do! Paola lets loose when she finds a handsome dude that knows how to fuck, and the aforementioned gives himself to the chance of banging that goddess. Nothing else to say! Just enjoy it :-D

Category: Latina / Teen
Category: Latina

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"I want to fuck my friend's girlfriend." Naughty Scarlet makes her boyfriend's dreams come true. Liberal MEETING in the country house NEW!!! 11-10-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: New adventure of the fashionable liberal couple. And it is that you had been asking for it, and we were looking forward to it! These boys have accustomed us to some sex full of morbidity in all the locations that their parents are leaving free in case they walk... Today, it's a difficult one to beat, the big house in the field with the little pool! And that is not the only novelty, although first, let's look back. At this point in the film, we can say that we have seen Scarlet and Stephan for all their great porn moments; from the presentation in society as a slutty couple to the THREESOME with the bride's girlfriends, from a vicious JAPANESE to the threesome with the BUSTY neighbor... What are they surprising us with at this point? Well, with what every swinger couple ends up doing. INTRODUCING ANOTHER NOVICE COUPLE into the world (the favorite sport of swingers, perverting indecisive boyfriends) So, what better plan than a little Sunday in the pool and sex? These Brazilians are already at the point of starting to "impregnate" the people around them with good habits, and of course, record it to show it to their FAKings friends!

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I'm Sara, masseuse, 28 years old. I've got a footballer client that looks pretty good and today he's having a "final surprise" ;-) NEW!!! [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hi, Friends of FAKings! I'm Sara Villanueva, and I'm writing from my own massage parlor :-D I'm 28, I WANT TO SHOOT A HIDDEN CAMERA and I've got who to shoot with, I'm waiting for this football boy, he's quite hot, let me tell you... I think this guys just loves my massages, he's around almost every day tee he he he... He thinks he's coming for a regular session but he ca't guess the FINAL SURPRISE waiting for him... Because after the massage, I've got a tantric session prepared (I'm really good at it, hahah) so he enjoys, gets crazy horny and I can bang him at last. I'm really into this guy, HE DRIVES ME CRAZY, every time I have a massage session with him I need to finger myself down because I end up SO WET hahaha So FAKings, I'm doing this :))) Wish me luck, but I'm not needing it because the moment I undress, he's gonna make his move, for sure. So, I'm gonna get ready, be right back, Love from Sara!

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The SQUIRTING QUEEN is back! Valeria FUENTES freaks out veteran Emilio Ardana. Bring raincoats :-D NEW!!! [HD 720P]

Video Description: "Spectacular" "Mind-blowing" "Amazing"... Such are the impressions Valeria's appearance on FAKings has created. We met this spectacular blonde a few weeks ago, hooking her with a fake ad for aspiring models. That day we thought we were pranking her, but the joke was on us: We met a SQUIRTING QUEEN! Seriously, maybe this girl has the best nickname in porn. Did you think we wouldn't call her again? Indeed, friends, here is she again: Today we get to meet Valeria, who explains matter-of-factly she's always so horny she can cum without touching herself, or how she has smeared even the floor of restaurants with her juices. So, in face of such a background we ask ourselves: how incredible is this girl's case? Is she able to surprise even a veteran performer? to answer this question we reached out for the battered Emilio Ardana, with hundreds of scenes on his back. The answer, then? Even this veteran actor freaks out with the UNENDING SQUIRTS from this girl. She's like an open tap! In summary, buddies, this scene is worth just for counting how many times Valeria cums in stream: A hint? More than 10 ;-)(

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How many guys? Less than 20, or you think I'm a crazy ass bitch? Maria Wars, What if I earn money doing the thing I like most? NEW!!! [HD 720P]

Video Description: Gentlemen, today we're dealing with a possible futre FAKings QUEEN... or at least, in "the heat of the battle" we rushed to crown her nothing more and nothing less... (I feel we WON'T regret this one...) Well, tonight, Maria Wars! Ring a bell, but can't say why? Don't worry, we always give BACKGROUND here on FAKings. If she looks familiar is because you could see her spreading authorury and wisdom on this "SCHOOL OF FAKings". Did you think we would leave you without seeing this bombshell of a woman again? Here's what you asked for! A young 22yo Spanish girl with a passion for "Experience new things" (We know the story, don't we? She says she wants go earn some money doing the thing she likes to do the most... Which is to FUCK, of course. This is the right place... Asking this and that, she says she's been with no more than 20 dudes... This is not specially weird news, until you see how she sucks dick or moves that ass when fucking... Then you ask yourself, did she squeeze those 20 guys to dregs? ?Does this girl love sex so much she learns by WATCHING' ?Or is this girl a plain example of "that's bullshit"? In any case, this girl is here to fuck in style so we prepared a welcoming party and it was, no more and no less, crowning her among balloons as a QUEEN. Fisrt time on FAKings you deserve this and much more, Maria! Now let's get comfy ;)

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The NERVOUS LATINA transforms when she thinks there's no cameras: Moli... You can't trust the BIG BROTHER! ;-P NEW!!! [HD 720P]

Video Description: When we interview Moli in the street for her PORN DEBUT (after aa hidden camera banging her coworker), we realize one thing: This girl's so shy, she's VERY ANXIOUS, but she looses herself when she's horny. Even more when tehre's no cameras around! And our dirty minds unleash, "How do we flip this to our profit?" we say to her "Come visit our studio and have a shower", without her knowing we've got Jason, our fuckboy, ready to BUST HER IN THE SHOWER the moment she's in. And what happens is... what we suspected. Of course, when this hunch Jason pretends to need a shower nd sneaks in, Moli can't believe it... But hesitations do not last for long when she guesses there's a great dong under that towel. What comes next... It was clear as day, THEORY CONFIRMED, when she feels she's not being filmed Moli unleashes and chomps dick like she's starving. Things get so hot, we've got to knock on the door because they're doing the scene in the toilet! After make up, when she's ready to roll, we tell her we have everything that happened in the bathroom on tape, Moli is not anxious anymore, she's as aroused as we wanted her: Friendos, only thing left is fucking: a fuck that Moli fires up with extreme whorymess not seen in a while: such deepthroating! Are you gonna miss this busting?

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Lara Cruz - Lara is unleashed, she calls her cousin and he doesn't find our she's being fucked. PornBucks are back! NEW!!! [HD 720P]

Video Description: 1 phone call to the country cousin, 1 UNLEASHED Lara Cruz and 500€ at stake... PORN BUCKS is back! :-P

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Category: Latina / Amateur / Teen

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Paola White - La cubana de Leganes. La vecinita Paola se atreve con uno de esos RABOS DE CABALLO con los que recibimos a nuestras teens NEW!!! 23-09-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Friends, without meaning to, we are making Leganes the new city of sin. What does the south of Madrid have that is an ABSOLUTE pool of FAKings girls. Today we have Paola White, and yes, we know what she sounds like! This Cuban dazzled us with the camera hidden from her neighbor (the one who didn't take hints well). Obviously, SHE IS BACK to ask us to formalize as a PORN ACTRESS. And the fact is that this little neighbor was already messing around with making the guys at work extremely horny. What work? Well, neither more nor less than an erotic masseuse with happy endings... Do you understand why we say that this girl is the girl next door that we all wish we had? Well, it turns out that Paola is no longer satisfied with hidden cameras or with the happy endings of her clients; now he really wants to FUCK in front of the camera. And since we are the porn of the town, we welcome it with open arms! After a little walk around her neighborhood and having a drink to beat the heat, we take her to the studio where the magic will happen. Who will be the lucky? The young (but vigorous) Black Point, a Colombian with a tail up to the task... Let these two Latinos understand each other ;) Now it's your turn, friends. Get comfortable and enjoy!

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Scarlet, Amora - Home alone 3. Threesome with my girlfriend and her busty friend. Rural/liberal getaway to the little house on the mountain :)) NEW!!! 21-09-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Here we are again friends! Here is a reflection of FAKings "express". Who doesn't like to disconnect from the routine with a good getaway to the countryside with your girl? Let's improve the question; Who doesn't like to disconnect in a piece of mansion in the mountains with your girl? Well, we can still go a little further! What better plan than a getaway to the mountains, in a spectacular mansion, with your girlfriend, who loves to fuck, and ALSO, neither short nor lazy, invites her BUSTY friend to fuck the three of them like crazy? Yes, my friends... This is the hard life of swinger couples, and more specifically, that of Scarlet and Stephan, the Brazilian couple that drives you crazy (and rightly so) who lives "on the sex road" with constant escapades with the only objective of having very dirty sex in places each one more spectacular. Without further ado, I leave you with a new installment of these young Brazilians doing a spectacular Latin THREESOME.

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