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Megan Fiore - OUTDOOR training day with Megan Fiore: "The secret of this HUGE fitness ASS is in the cardio" NEW!!! 19-09-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Official FAKings recommendation: Rain or snow, we strongly urge you to never give up physical activity and whenever possible... OUTDOORS. But with nice words we don't solve the world, so here WE PREACH BY EXAMPLE. Today is a healthy day of exercise in the open air. Was the weather accompanying? Well, there are tastes for everything, but let's say that the weather wasn't inviting to go out, however, YOU CAN'T WORK THAT HUGE ASS while on the couch! Here we have none other than our private stud Jason Carrera and our Italian goddess Megan Fiore, determined to have a fitness day. A few runs to warm up, exercises to get a little resistance and of course... At the request of Megan herself... We had to finish the session with "a little bit of cardio" to make it ROUND. So we already know that with these two it doesn't take much spark for things to heat up and not even two seconds go by, and they're already making out and showing the world that tremendous fitness ASS. The rest, friends... It's history, with these two porn STARS, FUCK and vice are guaranteed. Hard sex and pig in the middle of the street, healthy training, BIG ASS, big tits, cumshot and home, isn't that the definition of a perfect day?

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He is 30 years OLDER than me, but I get very horny when I see him in the videos. Can I fuck that daddy? NEW!!! 16-09-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Here we are again with a new installment where we show that the age difference is not always an insurmountable barrier! Indeed, friends. Don Jorge's adventures continue! I don't think I'll catch you again... When we bring young girls together with Don Jorge, many times the first reaction is not the most... "Euphoric". (In this world where people get carried away with appearances, these things happen...) BUT, dear friends, there is still hope in the world, and it turns out that Don Jorge is starting to have FANS among young girls, and They even ask us to record with him!!! Such is the case of Aska, our favorite meter and a half Chilean girl. Young, finite, with a BIG ASS and despite measuring 1.50, she has one of the wildest deep THROATS in the midwest... Well, this BOTTLE was pleasantly surprised when she found out that it would be Don Jorge who was going to FUCK her soon! And she even admitted to us that she had touched herself watching the videos of our DADDY COCK!! Spectacular, friends, that's a pleasure... The result is just one click away. What a joy to see that there are still young people like Aska, who loves older men, and they give us scenes like this! Now it's time to get comfortable and enjoy friends!

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Nadja LaPiedra - From FAKings to stardom, Nadja's porn stories: dirty sex, BAREBACK FUCK and naughty semen games NEW!!! 14-09-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Friends of FAKings! Today we bring you a piece of emeroteca! At this point in the film, the vast majority of you will know who I mean if I mention the name of Nadja Lapiedra, right? A young Spanish girl with a HUGE ASS and HUGE HUGS. We've all been faithful and happy witnesses to this girl's adventures at FAKings... But you learn something new every day! It turns out that her debut in porn was "orgasmus" in Europe and this video that you are going to enjoy in a moment is THE FIRST porn VIDEO that Nadja recorded in Spain, at the hands of our buddy Ivan Amor, who had the luxurious task of deflower her in IBERIAN terms... And as a wise man said... "Not everything is going to be fucking" (Well, maybe almost everything, at least yes) And before the delicious sex, there is a mini-interview (mark of the home) Where Nadja tells us a little about her little adventures... As I said, friends! A juicy archive material that comes out now for your delight. It's time to get comfortable, and give it a click!

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Valen Pink - Getting on the nerves of a FRESH SUCKER. ValenPink "pops" Black point's cherry. "Can you suck my crack good???" NEW!!! 12-09-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: First time we saw ValenPink, she was taking advantage of her best friend and her roommate on a hidden cam video, we kinda suspected this girl had the right stuff: Today this Latina Goddess will show how Black Point started in porn. Who wouldn't want to begin like that! From the very beginning, VAlenPink knows really well what's she gonna do with him, and will painstakingly GET HIM IN HIS NERVES, with an all killer no filler interview; hotter and hornier questions for this young Latin boy , and then the trial of fire: "How good are you at eating pussy? Show me ;-P Things roll downhill and this Latina bombshell dashes to his prick, she wants a peek of it and watching it inside of her... And if this sweet boy has a HUGE DICK... Can you see where this is going now? Yeah, dudes, Valen has lost her mind. She gives him the best grades and gives us an AWESOME FUCK and a casting you won't forget easily. just like any of the scenes of this goddess of fire!

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My first day at "The Factory"! This is how a TEEN's drem of becoming a porn star become real. Confirmation: we're the porn of the people NEW!!! 9-09-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Facing the question: how to become a porn performer?, today we show you all the details as never before. How is a FAkings shooting prepared? How do we meet the performers? What's the whole process since someone sends the application to "be a porn actress" until they shoot a scene with us? Today we answer all those questions and many more! The chosen one to do that is a VIRGINAL in porn Beth Choy, TEEN Latin-Spanish who recently reached us with some pics and a video that... watch them by yourselves! You'll understand why we were calling her back in just hours heheheh... Beth is a slutty young girl: in a day with us she told us her most dirty experiences, meet our studios, masturbating in the shower when she thinks there's only a camera in ffront of her... And that's just half the day! When she's ready comes the second part: One of our blind dates! And a big one, just as she likes them, with 4 young suckers who also pop their cherry in porn for us. They filled the "Be a porn actor" application, too! One of this four will be chosen, not before she ask some run of the mill questions and decide who's the one she's fucking, but... "Why can only be one of them?". SPOILER: she sets a queue heh he he

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Valentina Here... I fuck BAREBACK hot stud Maximo Garcia and he cums inside my pussy. Wanna see a creampie? NEW!!! 7-09-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hi, my hearts, Valentina Bianco is back here, your favorite ITALIAN GODDESS :))) How do you do? Have you travelled a lot this holidays? I haven't done it much, to be honest, but I didn't have a bad time either... 'Cause, since I live in Amsterdam, there's always a lot of friends visiting me, and one of 'em have come here to see me, none other than Maximo Garcia! He'd ben years wanting to film with me, but things couldn't happen... Until now! At last it is going to happen, and you're going to see him how eager he is, since he doesn't leave me time to finish and he's already fondling me, then things go out of hand 'cause I gotta try his ENORMOUS COCK inside my throat, just to prove you that, each passing day, my throat gets deeper ;-P After we dive into what's important, and you can tell the guy was eager, 'cause he doesn't stop nailing me in every conceivable position. But, I can't lie, that's just what I need! Hahahaha and how can you top this astounding fuck? Well, with a CREAMPIE like there's been a lot since I last received. Definitely, it was time to stuff this Napolitan pussy!

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Category: Latina / Teen

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33 years old, a cheating divorced woman... Spanish, Latino, black boys... Catha is on the hunt for some young sucker who can tame her. NEW!!! [HD 720P]

Video Description: Dear FAKings friends, here's yet another MILF CLUB you like so much. Some background: Have you ever heard the typical story of a mature woman, who suffered a cheating husband and threw herself to live her pown sexuality, in an act of bravery? If you're a regular here, answer is a sounding YES... well, we've turned the tables today: Mature? yes she is. Divorced? Yep. Hot mom? Sure. What's the turn, then? Well, Catha is just so horny, she was the one cheating on her husband! Because, friends, if you can't provide your wife with what she needs... THAT'S GONNA HAPPEN TO YOU. This Spanish mature declares herself a submissive slut, used to fuck mature men but wishing for the thing she never had... A YOUNG HIMBO! Said and done, Catha! You're getting a 2x1, a young dominant BLACK boy. FAKings is truly the porn of the people! If a Spanish mom has some sexual desire, here we are! (Here you are too). So join us on this beautiful story about a retail mom who, tired of monotony, cheated on her husband and now debutes in porn... Better than Hollywood, boys! Enjoy it!

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19 years old "Decent?" girls, straight from College, DIRTY REDHEAD at FAKings: Inna the things we can do to that butt... NEW!!! [HD 720P]

Video Description: We never get tired os seeing young Inna around! And, it seems, neither she does of showing us how UNLEASHED she is :-D after making a debut by the way of fucking not one but 2 flatmates; after masturbating in a park in Madrid; after devouring cocks in the streets of Seville... This young babe wants more! So here she is again, to finally earn the PORNSTAR diploma. Inna comes more than prepared; practically naked and with her legs spread in a matter of minutes, so she can show us what she likes doing when a good cock is not around: Which is not most of the time! After that, our stud of the moment Miki Rona arrives, who can't take his eyes off Inna. As we are! hehehe... Today there's no room for introductions, 'cause with these two young people want is FUCKING EACH OTHER, and they're prepared for this, giving us the SAVAGE LAID these two want since the moment they've laid eyes to each other. A sex session, full of desire, the kind we haven't seen in a while. Are you going to miss it?

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The excuse is "Studying", but I wanna bang my classroom hottie. I'm Carolina, think I'm gonna make it? NEW!!! 29-08-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hiiiii! I'm Carolina Lorca :)))) I've seen you do hidden camera stuff on FAKings, so I've decided to do one myself. I've invited a boy I liked since forever. He's the most popular guy in highschool, but I never even got his attention :-( Today I'm stepping up my game, just with the excuse he's coming to study because next week we've got a math test, and he's so bad at it I offered myself to help him and without him knowing, I'm gonna shoot a hidden camera scene heheheheh... will he like my tiny body?He always got me SO WET, he's so handsome, the most handsome boy in class, and I gotta tell you, I finger myself a lot thinking of him, I can't get him out of my head! If fact, I'm getting a bit horny jjust thinking of him... I leave you now, boys, he's about to arrive. Wish me luck! XOXO, Carolina.

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Some fish and others throw the rod ;) CRUISING with Korin, busty, big-assed, exhibitionist and friend of the risks NEW!!! 22-08-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Did you miss a voyeur section, friends? We at least YES!, and A LOT! It's important to enjoy the outdoors whenever you can, and if you're close to the coast, all the better... It turns out that Korin, despite being quite new to porn, is... "OPEN" to everything. So today we have taken her to a fishing area, to go cruising in search of a rookie who is encouraged to have a good time... With those BIG TITS and that great Latin body that this Venezuelan has, the candidates were not going to be missing . .. And indeed friends... Let's say that "love arose" and without any shame, we began to fuck without caring that on the other side of the rocks, a little more than 2 meters... The Sunday fishermen were there along hers as if nothing... It's clear that this latina is taking risks, and nothing was going to ruin it. Here you have a good example of how to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon outdoors and with the sound of the waves reaching the coast...

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You go to the disco, flirt and at home they hit you in the face with a dick... Danitza: "that SHEMALE you'd like to fuck." And me too :) NEW!!! 24-08-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Today we bring you a story that surely more than one will be able to identify with... The typical thing, you're at the disco, dancing, having a good time, and a hottie makes eyes at you... Things are moving forward, it seems that there are good feeling, the girl doesn't back down and you end up going home to END THE NIGHT in a proper way! You see that she has scandalous tits, and when you suddenly go down... PUM!! You get a surprise! And it is that you flirted with a TREMENDOUS SHEMALE (Or she has flirted you...) Fellas... it is at that moment where the Alpha male that you have comes out, and you go ahead with everything! What can come out of it? Well, another tremendous fuck from our well-known little friend Danika Dreamz... A goddess of sex who would turn even the most closed-minded into a lover of trans girls. And it is that Danika can handle what you put in front of her ;)

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My girlfriend gives me a JAPANESE and we do it on grandpa's sofa. And you... What are you waiting for to become a liberal? [HD 720P]

Video Description: Let's be honest... Why do couples get involved in the liberal world? (usually) EFFECTIVELY! To be able to fuck with other people... Now, for practical purposes, in most cases, you end up watching how your girlfriend fucks with other guys in your house and meanwhile you wet the churro sadly, and probably with girls who are not very beautiful... Is it worth it? Well, it must be so, since the swinger world is on the rise. BUT, friends, the statistics are to BREAK hehehe... I am one of those lucky ones who fuck the same (OR EVEN MORE!) than their partner. If you review our videos and the profile of my girlfriend Scarlet; You'll see that both, my girl and her friends (who are also very hot) are very willing to fuck each other, but having me as the central axis... SO, I'm wearing the best of the best... And today it's the Japanese friend (I wasn't expecting this one) The best of Brazil and the best of Japan gathered on grandpa's sofa (yes, we still don't have a fixed place to fuck). But folks... I know how privileged I am to have such a hot, swinging girlfriend who enjoys inviting her horny friends over to fuck like bitches with me, so to help the cause, we'll keep filming ourselves so that at least unless good times fall and hopefully, it can serve as an inspiration to your undecided couples... WE WILL CONTINUE IN THE FIGHT!

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Nuria MILF - Picnic with nuria... Snacking some himbos. 45years old and goddess BIG TITS... Nuria, years don't count for you. NEW!!! 15-08-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Who doesn't enjoy mistery? (wholesome mistery, of course). When you're meeting someone like Nuria MILF, one of the most well known MATURE in porn, with tens of scenes on her count... We've got to find how to 1-up ourselves, don't we? How can we do it? Well, just a last minute call talling her we're meeting in an industrial park instead of the station where we agreed to meet. Then we send her the real location and turns out... it's a forest where we're going to shoot! This is how you set an experienced performer in the wrong foot :-D Now that she's in our terrain, what about a summer picnic to alleviate some tensions, nuria? Remember we're on FAKings, what can we eat in the middle of the woods? A juicy HIMBO, the ones you like the most! All that fear and uncertainty paid well and here we are, among the trees! With a well endowed but unexperienced sucker and a GODDESS like Nuria, who gets horny the moment she sees a young sucker... what comes next? What you all are expecting, friends... For how long have we been enjoying this mom's adventures? And she keeps looking as hot and horny as ever, maybe even more. Nuria: years don't count for you!

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