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Perla Brites - My 5th floor neighbour, just DIVORCED, harasses me... And I leave her do. Sex-starved mommy finally gets her twink [HD 720P]

Video Description: Once again we stumble upon one of those mails only we can receive, used as we are to save people from sexual trouble all over the country... And the boy who wrote us is in dire need of our help. See, this young man has been receiving unsolicited dirty messages from the less expected of sources, his neighbour from the 5th floor! That one he knows since he was a kid an he's been meeting at the stairs for all his life. Since she divorced, this mom is unleashed, totally desperate, READY FOR ANYTHING that leads to banging him. And there's our cue! Because the boy called us knowing Perla, this is the name of this 37yo mature lady, will do whatever is needed to fuck this young hunk, even shooting porn! So we go to the park to meet her and we find the prototypical woman next door, a cute mature who freaks out when she sees the cameras. No worries! She quickly regains herself and agrees to come with us to film with her himbo and fulfill her fantasy. And the himbo himself... Can't believe his luck! Because come on, if you had the opportunity of nailing that mature mom you know from meeting her at the door everyday... Would you miss the opportunity? We think otherwise ;-)

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Barbara Morello - Big mess at the squatter place: I BANG 2 FRIENDS! Buddies n' all, we all just wanted to fuck ;-P [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hiya! I'm Barbara Morello. As you can see I've been sharing this storage unit with two buddies :-D And well, this two suckers I'VE WANTED TO FUCK THEM FOR MONTHS NOW we always tease each other but boys are really leaning on the shy side, and never dared make a move on me. UNTIL TODAY hahaha. See, I've been watching FAKings for some time, but the videos I dig the most are HIDDEN CAMERAS. Something about a girl seducing her best friend, her neighbour... I love it! So I'm going to do the same with this two boys: not only waxing them good but also recording myself. And I'm sending it to you! I like everything alternative, I've got this tattooed body but what I like the most is to fuck, and I think I'm good enough for porn... So you're gonna see how I seduce our two friends, they're so bad to catch any second intention but they won't be able to resist when I undress for them and start groping their junk. So, wish me lucvk! If everything goes well, you won't forget this hidden camera easily. :-D

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Genre: Fakings, Mei, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore

Mei - "It turns me on doing it on the street. If I'm fucking, and you pass by... you might like a blowjob as a gift ;)" Mei, words are unnecessary [HD 720P]

Video Description: HI AGAIN, friends. As you already know, your prayers are orders, and there is a girl who excited you so much with a hidden camera and her cosplay dresses; YES, that girl is MEI, and today we are in luck because she is back, this time in front of the cameras and with our stallion Jason. And it is that, How to forget the university student who raised so many passions?! Today she has come determined to get one of those fucks that leave your legs shaking... And see if the girl has come DETERMINED that already in the same park, in an alley that does not give very good sensations... (let's leave it there) he fucks Jason's BIG COCK like a thirsty man into a jug of water in the desert! We all love Jason, but we know that self-control isn't his forte, so things escalate... Until suddenly a voyeur shows up jerking off! We didn't know how to react, but Mei had an idea, since the voyeur didn't waste a bad cock, he got closer... and well; Let's just say that was his lucky day. So guys you know, with our friend Mei anything can happen. Obviously, later we went to our studios to continue the MAMBO, and boy did it continue... Here we leave you the result, ENJOY!

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Genre: Fakings, Mei, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Young, Big ass

Mei - Exhibitionist cosplaying TEEN plays the SugarBaby... "Can you bring me a SugarDaddy??? И200 are to blame ;-) NEW!!! 23-07-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Nowadays, Don Jorge is a beloved institution in this blessed house. We're proud to watch our flagship mature man breaking all expectations (and pussies) of every teen crossing his path. Today's one is our beloved Mei, who clearly showed her extreme tendencies in our last public fuck scene (she even invited a peeping tom). Mei comes for a surprise, not knowing what's in reserve for her. But watch out, she comes with a surprise of her own, no less than a ANAL PLUG for us to enjoy. After a perfunctory masturbation to warm up, comes the surprise, and Don Jorge comes in. Her nervous laugh tells the whole tale! She asks us apart to say what we suspected, she has second thoughts! After using our best arguments (This sir is younger than Brad Pitt) we throw some cash at the problem and she's back in. И200 are enough to convince this young lady. But if something ends her hesitations is the GIANT PRICK Don Jorge packs. When this young girl sees it she barely can believe it! When she gets over the shock and gets to work, she enjoys a good wood from a man old enough to be her grandfather. We can confirm, this girl was never in a pickle like this one!

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Genre: Fakings, Korin, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Milf, Boobs, Big ass

Korin - La fiera latina y el aspirante a empotrador: ?FIRST FAKINGS! Vuelven las Citas a Ciegas y la busqueda del amor... O lo que surja ;-) [HD 720P]

Video Description: ?No podiamos tener mejor presentacion, ahora que llega al fin el buen tiempo! Habeis leido bien, amigos, no podemos estar mas contentos, ?FIRST FAKINGS ESTA DE VUELTA! De nuevo llega el reality cachondo y sus citas a ciegas en mitad del campo en el que amor a lo mejor no te lo aseguramos, ?Pero el POLVAZO SI! Y eso es lo que van a disfrutar nuestros fichajes de hoy: A un lado nos encontramos a Korin, la mejor definicion de LATINA VOLUPTUOSA que hemos visto en mucho tiempo. Dos tetazas redondas y perfectas, un CULAZO INMENSO con el que todavia sonamos... Korin ha llegado definiendose como dominante, pero capaz de cambiar de puesto si encuentra a un buen fucker que la sepa llevar. ?Sera el apropiado Alex? El es un yogurin latino que se define como amante de las experiencias nuevas, y una experienca nueva es la que va a disfrutar: Ya sabeis, 2 DESCONOCIDOS DESNUDOS, uno frente al otro: Entre ellos, solo el morbo que sienten y las ganas de follarse desde el primer momento. ?Esto es First FAKings!

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Genre: Fakings, Lily Morena, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Boobs, Big ass

Lily Morena - Viejo y usado, pero en perfecto estado: OFERTA, 250И, a 10И el centimetro oiga!!! FAKings, el Cash&Converter del porno [HD 720P]

Video Description: En FAKings, creemos en las segundas oportunidades... ?Cuantos grandes polvos se hubiese perdido la humanidad, si se hubiesen dejado llevar por la primera impresion...? Tal es el caso de nuestra jovencita Lily Morena y nuestro maduro Don Jorge, quienes ya se conocieron en una de nuestras CITAS A CIEGAS. Lily estaba buscando otra cosa, es joven, inexperta, se dejo llevar por las primeras impresiones... Y lo mas importante; NO LE VIO LA POLLA QUE GASTA, por lo que termino por rechazar a nuestro querido Don Jorge por la edad... PERO la vida da segundas oportunidades y aqui estamos para hacer que esa FOLLADA tenga lugar!, a la jovencita Lily vestida de colegiala le van a botar esas preciosas tetas morenas al ritmo del POLLON de Don Jorge, Y es que en esta vida cuando tienes un buen rabo... muchas puertas se te abren (Si a eso le sumamos una pequena suma de dinero, que las juventudes vienen muy exigentes...) En cualquier caso, os traemos un encuentro de DOS generaciones unidas por el PURO VICIO. ?Ponganse comodos y a disfrutarlo!

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Genre: Fakings, Yiyi Candy, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Big ass

Yiyi Candy - Leganes: "Soy la Yiyi, la reina del barrio!!!" Latina exhibicionista adora zorrear por toda la ciudad, raro sera que no te la encuentres ;) [HD 720P]

Video Description: ?Que tendra FAKings, que todas repiten? ?Y que tendra Yiyi Candy, que la gordita y timida latina que vino a nuestro casting hace tiempo resulta ser una VICIOSA EXHIBICIONISTA? Empecemos: Yiyi Candy se ha puesto en contacto con nosotros para proponernos algo. Y es que resulta que despues de su debut, en un casting al que vino hecha un manojo de nervios, quiere demostrarnos que esto del porno le mola, y quiere confesarnos algo: ?Que tiene novio! Pero al tio no solo no le importa, sino que quiere que la veamos hacerlo. Asi que ha quedado con su ultimo ligue (tiene un novio muy liberal, vereis), y va a convencerlo grabar su segunda escena para nosotros :-D La encontramos en su barrio de Leganes para que nos lo ensene, y de paso, nos diga si eso del exhibicionismo iba en serio. ?Y vaya si va en serio! A Yiyi le encanta ENSENARLO TODO A LOS VIANDANTES, en mitad de la calle y en descampados, ?Como para provocar un accidente! Despues de una visita a la cafeteria en la que la acompanamos hasta el servicio, Yiyi nos lleva con su ligue, un musculoso portero de discoteca que no le quito ojos a su inmenso culo desde que lo vio por primera vez. ?Por que sera! Con los dos en el sitio, solo queda la follada: ?Una exhibicionista latina disfrutando una ronda de sexo que tanto su novio como todos nosotros podremos disfrutar!

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Lara Cruz - Teleoperadora harta del curro se pasa al porno por dinero. 16:15, en plena siesta: "Soy Lara, ?Quiere ahorrar en su factura de la luz?" [HD 720P]

Video Description: Amigos, en esta epoca de cambios y pandemias, hay quien se ha encontrado de repente en lo mas bajo. Hoy tenemos a alguien que nos necesita, Y MUCHO. Hoy queremos presentaros a Lara: Lara era teleoperadora desde hace anos, y entes de la pandemia tenia una buena situacion, tanto que se metio en una hipoteca... En enero de 2020. ?Quien iba a saber lo que se avecinaba? Y asi el trabajo de Lara paso de DIFICIL a IMPOSIBLE: Jornadas maratonianas, contratos basura, obligada a pagar sus suministros cuando teletrabaja...Todo ello atendiendo a gente que en el mejor de los casos le va a colgar nada mas oirla, y en el peor de los casos le van a decir de todo. Y mientras, Lara se encuentra dependiendo de una hipoteca, divorciada y con 2 hijos... ?Quien no acabaria hasta los huevos? Por ello Lara ha decidido una manera muy particular de protestar contra su empresa, ?Y de paso llevarse un dinerillo! Cuando nos la encontramos, vemos a una madura ES-PEC-TA-CU-LAR, como hacia mucho tiempo que no veiamos, ?Y es que las hacen ir de punta en blanco aunque sean teleoperadoras! Lo agradecemos ;-P En persona Lara nos habla de sus circunstancias, de lo claro que tiene hacer porno como manera de mandar a su empresa a la mierda y empezar una nueva vida Asi que la llevamos a nuestros estudios para darnos la alegria de ver ese CUERPAZO DE MADURA, rematado por esas dos tetazas, y a ella darle la alegria al cuerpo de merendarse la polla de un yogurin mulato. Una vez mas FAKings ayuda a una mami necesitada de una nueva vida, como solo nosotros podemos hacerlo :-D

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Genre: Fakings, Carolina Lorca, Barbara Grey, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Milf, Boobs, Young

Carolina Lorca, Barbara Grey - END OF TERM. School is back with Carolina: How to be the biggest slut? [HD 720P]

Video Description: Today we've got a MASTERCLASS, sharpen your pens and prepare your notebook, because an old school class is about to begin; one of those where mistakes are punished BUT success is rewarded. Who will be the lucky one to acquire the millenary knowledge, transmitted from generation to generation, "HOW TO BE THE SLUTTIEST IN BED"? Well, no less than our favourite teen Carolina Lorca. If you lost your virginity here, here is where you'll learn to FUCK PROPER. And who will be the warden of such knowledge and power? Well, there's plenty to choose from... But for sure a SURE choice is people's favourite, Barbara Grey; a milkf who came and conquered your hearts in the short time she's been with us. So the time of truth has come, Carolina will have to learn nicely, OR ELSE, secrets and techniques thet'll put her in the rightpath. Supporting this task is her classmate, smart and well endowed. If you fail once, you'll have a cockslap. Two and you'll get a dick on your face. Three and... A GOOD BLOWJOB... Tell me if there's a better learning method around. Among the infinite virtues of Barbara Grey as teacher and Carolina as a pupil is, the moment will come where Barbara will decide to teach the young lady in a MORE DIRECT manner. No more chaff, time to sit, chill and enjoy this class, which will get, no doubt, among Instant FAKings Classic.

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Genre: Fakings, Valeria Del Rio, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore

Valeria Del Rio - The Sevillian neighbor VS Catalan badasses. 2 rookies, 1 daddy and a Valeria who loves challenges [HD 720P]

Video Description: Welcome back fellas! Finally, the day has come! We know that Valeria del Rio is one of your Kinky muses; and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to put his experience to use on educate young people (and not so young) who want to be the next revelation pornstar; And despite her youth, Valeria is an expert in the art of good fucking, and what to say about those DEEP THROATS that Spielberg himself would fall in love with!. Nervous? -Very little. Eager? - Many! That's the attitude! Today 3 rookies will come to try their luck: Rookie #1, an impetuous young Spaniard, his name is followed by "AND I LOVE TO FUCK" in his presentation, so things promise. #2 A daddy over 40 years old, an ex-rapper whose nerves will betray him a little...(first time that it happens I guess, right?) #3 And the last (but not least) a foreigner who doesn't really care on nothting but FUCK... To which we at FAKings have absolutely nothing to object to; That's the spirit, right? Will they comply? Will they come crashing down? Will they join forces to fuck with Valeria in brotherhood? You have ALL the answers with just one click. Come on!, because here the Sevillian has enough energy fot everyone.

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Genre: Fakings, Megan Fiore, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Boobs, Big ass, Anal

Megan Fiore - "ANAL? 27 years old, I've banged like 30 dudes, are they too many? I fuck in the street and like with being caught... That's not a bad thing" By Megan :))) [HD 720P]

Video Description: Oh, the joy of seeing our girls coming back to us! That means, of course, they're just as slutty as they claimed, and of course they enjoy the great fucking we provide them... Maybe you already know Italian fitness GODDESS Megan Fiore, who had no trouble at all in staging a lottery on her Loverfans profile, and fucked the lucky winner with a delightful hidden camera (what a blessing of a prize, friends...) Today she's back to, now indeed, being properly banged by a pro, in front of the cameras, BARE CHEST. You know you're in front of a SHE-WOLF when, impromptu, you propose her to be fucked IN HER ASS and SHE ACCEPTS That's all! That's how legends are written! So we?ve got this AWESOME SCENE where megan introduces herself, after a quick shower, and ends up being fucked in all her holes, in a thousand positions. Time to get comfy and enjoy this great Casting!

Genre: Fakings, Sweet Melissa, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Pregnant

Sweet Melissa - 8 MONTHS and ready to go, how's sex with a PREGNANT WOMAN like? PREGGO girl-next-door and single mom jumps into the adventure [HD 720P]

Video Description: Dear friends, today is one of those special days, where again, we have brought you what you've been asking for!. And it is whether it rains or snows; At FAKings we're always working to bring you all the things that you love. What do we have today? A dearest MATURE CLUB! But does it end there? ABSOLUTELY NOT. It turns out that our beloved actor, David Ron, has a neighbor and friend from the neighborhood who wanted to get into porn... Up to that point, everything was normal. But the horns sound when we discover that the girl next door is PREGNANT!, and much more besides. That's when the machinery started to give her a little surprise... Our future mommy is called Sweet Melissa, and at first, David Ron was going to be the one to introduce her to the world, but not the one to FUCK her! For the first time! BUT, then we said... Who better than his friend and neighbor David Ron to calm his nerves? In the end, nothing better than leaving things in confidence. So we break the news to her when it was already too late to back down. And we have to say that despite having some reluctance at first, then Sweet Melissa will understand that accepting the first one with her friend was the RIGHT decision. So it's time to get comfortable and enjoy this beautiful story ;)

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Genre: Fakings, Rosie Cage, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore

Rosie Cage - PERSONAL TRAINER gets an extra income :-D Rosie (GREAT CUBAN ASS) trains an inexperienced rookie! [HD 720P]

Video Description: There's something 'bout us, that makes any girl that comes around want to repeat :-D And someone like this SPECTACULAR CUBAN BABE had to do it, big time. After a casting in which she had lots of second thoughts about banging our old David, Rosie Cage comes back to us without so many doubts, today she wants to show us her skills at 100%! But before that, we want her to earn that fuck: So we make her tell us about her dirtiest experiences, and she gives us great highlights like how she came when riding her exercise bike. O-M-G, Rosie! After telling us about that kind of stuff, and after showing us that AMAZING CUBAN ASS we never get tired about seeing, she's prepared. We bring today's rookie, whom you'll remember as Amy's boygriend, a guy that made his debut with us some time ago. Turns out te relationship didn't go anywhere, but the guy discovered a new passion in porn (And a new guy of fucking anyone he wants tee hee hee). Without further ado, they cut to the chase and the guy goes straight to that amazing Latin ass. Today we suspect you'll envy this lucky guy :-D And today we will confirm there's nothing left of that shy little Cuban Babe. There's only a Latin beast!

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Genre: Fakings, Jacky Blondie, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Young

Jacky Blondie - 18 YEARS OLD, posh Law student, pride of her daddy... And she comes out a SLUT! Jacky pays her degree with porn. [HD 720P]

Video Description: As you know, it's not the first time a uni slut decides to scrap some dough with a "side hustle"... But it's the first time we find one eager to do it being BARELY 18 YEARS OLD! yeah, friends, girl in question is called Jacky Blondi and she reached to us to exactly that. She's a young girl, living in one of the most gentrified zones in the capital, and she reached for us looking for an unorthodox way of paying her studies. :-D We meet her on the moment, few meters from her home, and we find a young lady with clear ideas about what she wants. She might be only 18, but she's got the attitude, that posh brat is so used to boss people around!She takes us to her favourite bar, where she continues talking about her love for mature cock. Jacky wants a daddy to submit to! After that we can see her doing all those things the most horny of you will appreciate: and after showing her fancy neighbourhood, we go to our safehouse where she'll make a show of that 18yo body and will drive us crazy with an scandalous masturbation. This girl came already horny! No more talk: We make our mature frind David Ron come in and this girl is already slavering. She throws to his dick and DEEPTHROATS him to hell, not appropiate at all for a 18yo. And the actual fucking... You've got to check that out! This girl was dying for mature dicks and it shows: just hear her pleasure screams! This girl knew what she was here for, and she earned it :-D

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Genre: Fakings, Aska, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore

Aska - Virgin at 13, 10 years fucking like crazy. A small body and a great slutness are found in Aska. "Fucking in the street? Ayeee..." [HD 720P]

Video Description: Once again we've got to check what we're seeing is real. This girl is mindblowing! Aska, that's her name, appointed us to her neighbourhood to show where she lives (and do naughty things across her favourite spots heheh), and when we arrive at last, we find a CHILANIAN BOMBSHELL with an ass made for twerking. But also, she's impossibly whorish for her 1'50 size! Aska not only doesn't mind when tehre's people around, she even gets more motivated! Of course, we've got to chack that and our petite friend makes a EXHIBITIONISM LECTURE across her neighbourhood streets. When she's finally ready we call our FuckBoy, a really tall guy who makes Aska look even shorter, and he doesn't wastes a second and rushes to grope her ass in the middle of the street. As we'd all do, of course :-P In summary, when thay arrive to the set, Aska has not much more to say. Maybe because of the HUGE COCK of our stallion chiking has! also we've got a fantastic twerking festival, a lovely latina enjoying her mind out and a great banging, house brand. Welcome, Aska!

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