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"All is well, but... A BLACK DUDE IN MY ASS?" The MILF command,s we bow to her and a chocolate BIG COCK drills her from behind :))) [HD 720P]

Video Description: Look, a lot has happened to us, but this is almost unseen... When Indiana reached us for her comeback, we could see we had found a really, really, REALLY straightforward mature woman. This woman knows what she wants! That's why she didn't danced around, a few words in and she was taking us to her crash pad. but friends, things didn't stop there, because in that moment, still smeared in Jotade's jizz, SHE WAS ASKING FOR A BLACK COCK! As you're reading it, chums, the scene wasn't even over yet... Of course, that boldness made us get into serious business and, Here's the result! This time, indiana more or less is guessing what's coming for her, but we wanted some revenge on her, make her wait, ask her stuff, make her anxious... Until the moment comes at last! "Step in, Indiana", and when she's through the door, just look at her face, SHE CAN'T BELIEVE IT. She's scared of touching him, in fear his huge cock disappears! No, girl, that ain't a dream, Marlincao is here for real and his huge Cuban prick is with him. And when finally Indiana believes it, she stuffs her mouth with it, of course. No turning back! This mature lady fulfills her life's dream and gives us a great scene. What will be next, Indiana?

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My name is Barbara and I buy things on the Internet. Wanna bring 'em home? I pay very well for the freight... But mommy doesn't need to know ;-) [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hiya, FAKings! My name is Barbara Grey, I'd love to be a porn performer and for today, as you love hidden cam videos, I'm determined to tease and seduce, but SEDUCE MY BEST FRIEND'S SON!!! I think this'll be spicy enough, something you're not used to watch here :-D So, actually, the boy is just 18 and he's hot as hell hehehe... I'm really into younger boys by myself, and this one being fit, what else can you ask for... Salt and pepper! Best thing is, I've got the eprfect excuse to make him come alone to my place, he's selling his scooter. So that's what I'm doing, invite him to come here, show me the thing, and I'll show him other things in exchange: MY HOT MOM BODY, sculpted at the gym, my DIZZYING ASS and as a cherry on top, I'm going PANTYLESS from the start. The moment I climb on the scooter, he'll see all that can be seen. DO you think he can resist? Frankly, I think he can't :)))

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'That one's too old, don't you have a real porn performer?' Alas, Rosie, you friend are about to know how a FAKings performer feels like [HD 720P]

Video Description: Oh, how a classical "She's your neighbour" show devolves thanks to our cheats! :-D We introduce you Rosie Cage, a CUBAN BOMBSHELL coming to become a porn goddess, See: from her very arrival in Spain to get her degree, Rosie has realized two things: First one, she loves training. That's a normal thing to do, but then comes the second bullpoint: SHE LOVES TO BE WATCHED! Sirs, a regular day for Rosie is a day at the gym getting all attendants horny with her camel toe yoga pants (mind, dudes and dudettes, she's clear on that), and bringing them to the showers for a quickie, if occasion arises. So that's how her idea of becoming a porn performer came: "Given i like to be looked at, I could make this my job!" After a really HOT warm-ups and masturbating for us with her exercise bike seat, we can confirm Rosie is through our initial test. But to become a porn goddess, she's got to get through the old daddy challenge! That's our little surprise for her: our one and only David Ron! When she sees him, she thinks we're bringing a young, ripped chad like the ones she bangs at the gym... She's about to run away! and that's in fact what she does, she seeks shelter into the toilet and we have a hard time to talk her into it. "Chill, just try for a moment and you can tell if you don't want to continue" We know exactly what's coming for her: the moment she knows Ron's cock and enjoys a pussy eating, she's gonna be so damn horny she'll be up for anything. That's what we see then! Welcome to porn, Rosie! You succeded in the old fart daddy challenge :-D

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"He could be my grandpa!!!" Don Jorge is only 53... Nadja's dad is 53!!! Generational duel [HD 720P]

Video Description: We just love to be just a dick! hehehe... Today we appointed Nadja Lapiedra in our studio, a youngster who made a show of how innocent she is, even if she just loves hardcore sex... And today we wanted to abuse that innocence setting her for a prank. We told her "Come in sportswear, we're doing some exercising today... And we can tell you you're getting an incredible PERSONAL COACH!" Of course, Nadja comes cheerful, hoping she's getting a hot stud coaching her. The young lady shows her INCREDIBLE FLEXIBILITY, a result of doi g gymnastics as a kid, so that puts some (even dirtier) ideas in our minds, hehehe... And at last comes his personal coach: Our mature among matures, the grandest (In all senses) DON JORGE. An dudes, saying she didn't expect that is understating: She just CAn?T BELIEVE IT! "What's this joke? This coach has my dad's age!" Yeah, well, nadja, This is today's boy for you! And gotta say, he have a hard time getting her into it... but we succeed, helped by another element: What Don Jorge keeps between his legs! SO Nadja lets Don Jorge touch and grope her, who doesn't let a rubbing opportinuty pass him by. When they are at top heat, comes the moment Nadja meets Don Jorge's toolbelt. Any hesitation this young lady had washes away. Time to bang him! And give us an epic tumble for our delight. This is how you exercise!

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Category: Latina

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"I found my couple at a GANGBANG... Limits to me?" Barbara wants it all, for starters public sex ;) NEW!!! 29-07-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: "I found my couple at a GANGBANG... Limits to me?" Barbara wants it all, for starters public sex ;)

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6 mintes WITHOUT BREATHING?? SPORTS MOMMY and a RISK lover!! "Let's see it, Sia: How much can you last with a cock in your throat?" [HD 720P]

Video Description: This is how it begins: a mature woman contacts us. She's called Sia, she's 40, claims to be a true exhibitionist addict and, as we see in her pictures, she's got a cracking hot body that doesn't match her alleged age. So we appoint a date with her to check that out, in the company of our trusty chad, good ol' Jason. So when we meet her at the aprk, it's not only she's as hot as in her pictures, she's even hotter! Let's add she nails down two important things: first one, the whole "addicted to exhibitionism" was no joke, in a few minutes she's already flashing those beautiful tits in the middle of the street. The other one is she's into sport, mostly apnea, giving us a clue we won't miss: She's able to hold her breath up to 6 minutes! First thing our dirty minds think about is: How can we use this piece of data? obviously: challenging her to the longest INFINITE DEEPTHROAT with Jason's cock. And Sia, who rushed to this latin lover's cock, goes for it. And dudes, What a throat! This woman promises much more. So hot get things that they engage mindlessly in a great public fucking, before ending the job at our premises. This is how you debut in porn! This is what a lot of younger girls should learn ;-P

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My name is Adely: I've got no money, I've got no job, I don't pay my rent... Who wouldn't love a beautiful Latina like me? tee hee hee [HD 720P]

Video Description: HI! My name is Adely, Adely Ruiz. I'm 20 years old and I'm from Peru. I've been here for 3 weeks, living in this room. Since I came in Spain I thgought would go better for me, but... Sadly, it was just the opposite. Let's just say the "Spanish Dream" doesn't exist :-( See, I've got 3 problems: I'VE GOT NO MONEY, I'VE GOT NO JOB and, most important of all. I've got a landlord pestering me every monday to pay him my rent, and that's just annopying. EVERY DAY HE REMINDS ME HOW MUCH I OWE HIM! And I can't get any economical stability that way, I can't find a job doesn't matter how much I try. THIS IS HELL FOR ME. Let me tell you: I like to watch porn, even in my home coutntry I already visited FAKings. I liked the hidden camera section and I think I can scrap some dough from that. At this asshole's expense, of course. When he comes to my room today, my first objective is not to pay the rent, get some benefits out of him. I'm gonna dress just like you see me now, with a short top and a really hot miniskirt. I'm gonna seduce him, I'm getting him at my feet for sure. No matter how hot he is, because he is hot enough, I'm even hotter than him. just look at me: Who's not to want a beautiful latina as I am? With this lovely pttite tits and my tiny waist and my beautiful ass ;-)

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My classmate says he has come to study, tee hee hee... But in here, we do what we do!!! I'm Mei, like my cosplays? [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hi!! I'm Mei, I'm from Barcelona, I'm 20 and I've decided to do a hidden cam for FAKings! I've seen how much you like all that hidden camera business, and I've got the perfect guy to shoot one with, a classmate from uni that comes every afternoon to "study", but today I want to do anything but studying hahahah... To catch him I'm going to make use of something I've always loved, COSPLAY! I've always loved to dress up and disguise myself, attend manga conventions and all that stuff... and yeah, I also love to wear them for fucking ;-P So I've chosen my 2 most sexy cosplays and I'm going to wear them for my roomate. I think he won't be abvle to resist. The moment he sees me dressed like a japanese schoolgirl, that I've field tested in so many cons (And where I saw it got a lot of eyes), I'm sure he's going to think a lot less in studying and a lot more in other stuff hahahh... And now I'm leaving you, after all that cosplay and boys talk I'm getting aroused by myself :-D I'm going to use a rubber friend before my boy comes. Let's see how this goes forward. Wish me luck, FAKings!

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"Wow, a new place, shall we mess things up, honey?" Made in Brazil couple squat a house just to fuck in it [HD 720P]

Video Description: We are proud to introduce you to Scarlet and Stephan, whom we've already seen around here going all in in two astounding threesomes, in which they show us what teenage couples do when parents are not at home. Today they want to talk about themselves more deeply. Scarlet and Stephan are a couple that comes to us from Rio de Janeiro and claims the title of ADVENTUROUS COUPLE. Just in the moment they met, they found out they have 2 mutual hobbies. First one, their interest for nature and for discovering new places. The second one, They're interest about fucking in thoise places! Yes, friends, for this horny couple a walk in the park is not enough. Scarlet and Stephan don't know about a place until they've fucked in it! In case that wasn't enough, they want to tell us about what they like about each other's bodies, and the moment we were expecting arrives when Stephan shows us Scarlet's teenage natural body, and we start knowing why he hasn't been able to take his eyes out of her since they started dating, What a agirl! Small but round boobies, A breathtaking Brazilian ass... After that exhibition, both of them are already horny and start getting it on: A 100% amateur fuck from a young couple that proves that beyond the sea people fuck as good as they do over here. A Free Couples the kind we hadn't seen in a while!

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Nadja LaPiedra - Another fuckless night? Say no to more wanks. I'll show you how to fuck any time you want: By Jason. SPOILER: Don't do this NEW!!! 27-07-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Subtlety? It may have been everything in the past, but in the age of technology there is no time to lose (and everyone is just as horny) so let's accept that the old days of courtship and gentlemen are over... So let's go in fully at present. What to do when you've gone out partying with the intention of get laid, but in the end you haven't eaten a single cake? (The reality of 90% of the population) then option A; It could well be a chocolate with churros of those that warm your soul, but there is also option B... Which would be looking for damsels with the same desire to fuck as you, on their way home waiting for the bus... (For example) It is there, in the darkest and coldest of the night, where the last chances are. And that's where the two lucky IBERIAN MALES find the perfect damsel in distress waiting for the bus and very OPEN to hearing alternatives... So much so that this young woman agrees fully and in the middle of the street, in the open sky to fuck like a wild... Vicious or lucky machos? A BIT OF EVERYTHING. For all those parties that end in a chocolate with churros. A full-fledged Iberian male manual!

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Lucy de Janeiro - "I'm gonna make my daughter's friend debut in porn: I'm 26 YEARS OLDER!!" ANYTHING GOES for the hot mommy [HD 720P]

Video Description: Great monday for MILF Club awaiting for us today! Lucy, whose taste for YOUNG COCK is well known from all that banging her neighbour or having a dick snack from her latest park pick up, comes to us to put the cherry on top.: How is she doing that? Easy, today she's bringing HER DAUGHTER'S FRIEND to make a debut in porn. Turns out all those homework afternoons at her place awakened this boy's desire for Lucy, and he's not ashamed to admit he's had his share of wanking to this mature mom. That's why, after she divorced, he's been chasing her! And Lucy, a trickster herself, proposed him to contact us so we all can see his fantasy fulfilled. And here they are today! Lucy, a mature who's UNLEASHED since her divorce (If you don't believe it, just watch her sucking any dick as if it was the last on Earth, hahah). And a young 19yo who won't lose his stunned, overwhelmed face along the 25 minutes the scene lasts. Actually, we wouldn't, either! This is unbelievable :-D

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Valeria Del Rio - I want more and more and more... A middle-aged man? Well... I don't like THAT, but let's do it, you know me ;-) [HD 720P]

Video Description: A surprise for a young babe that wants it all? Count on us! When Valeria came to our studios looking for a new laid, she knew what she wanted: More, more and more! She was sure about it, but we wanted to check how far her slutness went, so we took her to the park in order for her to meet our "Old Jordi": Don Jorge, some we've already seen surprising several young babes with his body-to-cock ratio. Valeria comes eager to fuck anyone... Until she sees our middle-aged stud! She then is not so sure about it :-D But little by little, she starts getting convinced. As she starts to meet Jorge? No friends, as she starts meeting his enormous cock in front of her face! Valeria hasn't stopped thinking about ages, but about sizes. She thinks about how far that old cock is going to fit inside her mouth! SPOILER ALERT: Valeria hasn't enjoyed so much in her life! And the result is here :-D

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Betty Loop - The biggest cocks I've seen in my life, Will I be able to deepthroat it? Betty, the dating-app slut [HD 720P]

Video Description: 'Sup, guys! Let me tell you: The other day I met this guy, I downloaded one of these dating apps since I've been on the drydock for a while other than muy job, and I told myself, "geez, gotta meet new people". And in this app I met a guy, I was talking with him, and I could see he looked pretty well, but I didn't know how things were... And, at last, we exchanged phone numbers and started sending photos to each other. He sent me the usual dick-pic, and I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT: The size of that thing, it makes me horny even by thinking about it! So I've prepared my self (No bra, I never wear it), and I have invited him to come. I have to try that cock, for real! To be honest, I don't even know if that dick is going to fit inside me, but I'm so wet already I'm pretty sure it will. My plan is fucking me while I film it, in order for me to watch it any time I want, and so I can send it to you. Hope you like it! Seriously dudes, it's one of the biggest cocks I've seen! I don't even know if I will be able to deepthroat it :-P anyway guys, wish me luck, kisses from Betty

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Annie Reis - The best handbook for my wanking sessions: Have my BROAD and BIG ASSED friend pretend I'm picking her up!! [HD 720P]

Video Description: From those degenerate minds that brought you past hommages to old-school Spanish porn and the countless wanking sessions it gave to us, hommages like JotaDe's encounter with a "lost" young babe, or our unforgettable handbook on how to hit a Latin beauty... It comes this new hommage to simpler times, courtesy of our Venezuelan stud Jason Carrera and, of course, Incredible and SUPERBROAD Annie Reis, whom, after making her debut with us showing us she had what's needed to become a porn goddess (Seriously dudes, we'll dream with that GIANT ASS for years to come). Today Annie will be a young babe that got stranded at the airport. She's lost the plane and needs DESPERATELY a place to sleep in. And, things that happen, her saviour Jason appears, and will offer her a bed... In exchange of doing certain things on it! So there they go, but not before giving us a GOOD PUBLIC FUCK, the kind we know and love ;-) Once in the hotel, there's no time for introductions, only for the great laid they're having. To be honest, these are the kind of hommages we all love!

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