Genre: Fakings, Lily Morena, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, BBC, Hot ass

Lily Morena - "2 black cocks? You know I'm all for it" About time Lily came to my little house ;) [HD 720P]

Video Description: 'Sup, dudes! Jesus Reyes here, long time no see, eh? Hahahaha :-) Today I'm bringing you a good one: La Porno House is killing it, and girls all around the country queue up to eat my cock. But today it's not only my cock the one they're tastisng. My friend has contacted me recently. He's met young brunette Lili Morena and is going to film that fuck for La Porno House. Sure, but you don't do a Porno House without my permission, and I'm also going to try that young little pussy. So the deal is this: I'm letting 'em film at my place, On the condition they let me join. Lily is not in the mood for many introductions. When they get to the place, she's already super hot and super horny, really eager for eating a big cuban cock. After a pussy massage, courtesy from my friend, they jump to the stuff right on. And in the highest point of the action, I arrive to top the job and to give Lily the threesome she was awaiting from the beginning ;-) A success, as always. When girls get to La Porno House, they let loose!!

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Genre: Fakings, Valen Pink, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore

Valen Pink - Valen here! You don't leave me bringing guys home? What about I BANG ONE ON YOUR BED. No one can resist my dirty TikToks :-D [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hi, Friends of FAKings! Today I set some hidden cameras because I love those hidden camera videos where girls pervert their friends, and I've got the perfect friend. I've been teasing him since forever, every time we hang out I try to fuck him but he always evades me. That ends today! :-D Today I've called him to do make some tiktoks, and he's falling for me whatever the way. I'm so pretty and provocative today, I've chosen a attire to kick those hormones of him into action, and today YOU'RE FUCKING WITH ME, BECAUSE WE'RE FUCKING. Not only that, aside from fucking my friendo I'm doing it ON MY ROMMATE'S BED hahahah She's a puritan white bread who gts mad at me everytime I come home with a boy, she says we've got to go to a hotel... So today I'm pranking them both. I'm perverting my rommie's bed and I'm gonna fuck my friend on it. Hope her bed smells like sex, but really ;-P

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Genre: Fakings, Aimi Grace, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore

Aimi Grace - "So, you wanna fuck me, let's be honest..." Oh my, my, don't you know we're the BIG BROTHER??? [HD 720P]

Video Description: ...And still they don't learn, tee hee hee... Up to this point, we all know that at FAKings, the cameras never stop recording. Why? 'Cause we know these horndogs don't stop fucking even though their scenes are over. And once again, we're going to prove it! Today busting is called Aimi, the Latina-Spanish babe that already proved us that she's pretty much into being watched. After a hot shooting she finds one of our performers in the kitchen, one that can't take his eyers off her! Guessing what was about to happen, we go away for 1 hour "Just to do a little shopping", and leave 'em alone. And the moment comes when the guy confesses to Aimi that, hearing her fucking in the next room has made him extremely horny and if "please, could we do something about it..." Aimi stops him "So, you want to fuck already"... This girl has never wasted time, and she's not going to start doing it now! So there they go: A young babe, enjoying a great kitchen fuck, a young dude that still can't believe how lucky he is, and yet another proof that you can't trust the BIG BROTHER... Blessed it be!

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Genre: Fakings, Yiyi Candy, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Big ass

Yiyi Candy - Yiyi wants her Spanish Dream: "Only wanna be a lingerie model... 200И? Mmmm, this guy is handsome and I'm already wet :)))" [HD 720P]

Video Description: Once more time, a shy young lady falls for our castings without a second thought. "Maybe not a lingerie model, but there's another position where you would fit perfectly hahahah". And if you add to that she's been looking with greedy eyes the performer she's gonna do a photoshoot with, what else can you ask for :-D Let's begin with the start: On one side is Leo, a young guy who wants to join our pumpin' fuckboys crew who comes to our audition like he's the best man in a wedding. On the other side is Yiyi Candy, a plumper latina coming to our "Lingerie Casting" interview feeling really anxious, not even knowing what she's here for. After an interview and an inspection of her juicy body, we invite her for a spicier photo session, holding a sex toy, She doesn't even know what kind of toys we're speaking about! She gets scared the moment dicks appear from behind the table, but holds her own and She agrees to have some pictures taken! But the key move comes now, pals... Because the moment she enters the other room and sees leo getting her own pictures taken, she's not gonna take her eyes out of him. And we begin a new photoshoot with both, boy and toy. And she's a bit uneasy but... Her pussy tells another story heheheh. But girl's still hesitating son we draw our wallet: 100И for a bit of a groping and petting the boy... and another additional И100 note to go full on with the business. Yiyi gets an unexpected banging, we get a hell of a scene!

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Genre: Fakings, Paola White, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Young

Paola White - Hi, I'm Paola, 22 years old, and I fuck my neighbour. He's a little thick, won't take my hints... But today he'll fall for me, I'm telling you tee hee hee NEW!!! 25-07-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hi, I'm Paola, 22 years old, and I fuck my neighbour. He's a little thick, won't take my hints... But today he'll fall for me, I'm telling you tee hee hee

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Genre: Fakings, Megan Fiore, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Boobs, Big ass, Big Tits, Perfect Ass

Megan Fiore - Little giveaways for my Fans. I'm Megan and I raffle a date with me. Would you like being lucky? [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hello! I'm MeganFiore, and I've been quite active on Loverfans for a while, and I've got to say... I'm just loving it! There's one thing I love: Show off and being watched while I fuck! If you go to my profile you can check it out, but there's something I love even more than anything else: I love to do what my fans ask from me! :-D That's why i'm sending this video, I want you all to watch it. Because this week i tried something different. A few days ago I decided to make a giveaway: a good afternoon of sex with one of my lucky followers. And today, the winner is on his way! The guy is coming to my place to meet me in person... And of course, he's gonna get laid in a way he'll never forget! Why won't he forget? because that boy's gonna see, in the flesh, this HOT ITALIAN BODY, with my HUGE BOOBS and a round ass that look really good on screen, but in person, i can guarantee they're 100 times better! I've already called the lucky one, I guarantee you he's gonna have the best day in his life. And of course I've set some cameras to record all the banging, and send it to you. I want everyone to see what's waiting for them if they check my profile! And of course, so you can also have the opportunity of participating in one of these giveaways, and then I can make your dreams become reality, too. Don't forget!

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Genre: Fakings, Nuria MILF, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Boobs, Big ass, Milf, Big Tits

Nuria MILF - "I wanna BANG NURIA!" The SuperMILF comes back to fulfill the wishes of a young dude. This is why MILF CLUB was created! [HD 720P]

Video Description: You read right, pals! Nuria, MILF among MILFs comes back to this blessed house, and comes back in style, with one of those scenes that are the reason why we created MILF club. See: we've been getting texts for months, and we mean MONTHS, from a young dude who wants to bang Nuria some day. Since the very day he was old enough to beat drum the only image in his head are the HUGE BOOBS of this mom... and his obsession is such, he cannot think on anything else: He had to fuck her! He doesn't care if the whole world is going to see him, if he becomes a porn actor: Fuck Nuria was his goal! So, when we could find Nuria after some time, we remembered this kid and had the best idea. These 2 had to meet! But we wanted to surprise both of them, so we called Nuria first, without telling her what was coming her way, and the moment we tell her, You can see her face changing! Because for Nuria, schooling youngsters is the spice of life. But careful there, if you think Nuria is freaking out, Picture this poor fool's when he comes in and sees his idol sitting there! He almost throws himself into her tits and forgets about everyone else. But we stop them for a moment to make him tell about his adventures and how Nuria became his erotic myth. And now, after the introduction, finally comes sex: Mom is schooling a youngster about sex, and said youngster can't believe his luck. In summary, as we said already, This is why MILF Club was born!

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Genre: Fakings, Myss Alessandra, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Boobs, BBC, Hardcore

Myss Alessandra - "You won't have enough for now"... Explosive Myss Alesandra,always prepared. A luxury guest at the little house of Jesus [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hello again, team! Jesus Reyes is back and this time he plays at home at Porn House! As you already know (and for all those who don't, too) in this life you've got to be always open to learn about new things... That means, no matter if you're a porn star with a dick every girl craves to suck... There's always the chance someone appears and do things you never experienced before. Well, this person in particular is no other less than Myss Alessandra, an expert in the art of giving head with a HEARTSTOPPING HOT BODY with a glans suctioning technique, she left the very Jesus Reyes astounded. So we said, "Bring that fellatio goddess here, and let her wisdom cast light on this world". Well, maybe not in such an epic way, but that was the message, in essence... And here's the result! It's one click away! Now you only have to enjoy this goddess while she sucks and cockrides and shakes that JUICY BUTT and those HUGE TITS she's got. No more time wasting, you've got things to do for sure! Enjoy it!

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Genre: Fakings, Jenifer Lopez, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Young, Big ass, Hot ass

Jenifer Lopez - 19 years old, a cock every 3 days. Jennifer Lopez doesn't waste time. From Mexico to the motherland. Welcome to FAKings... Cabrones! [HD 720P]

Video Description: 19, exhibitionist, she's banged 200 men already... When someone with that career comes to us, we lose our butt to go whenever we're called. Even a gas station in the middle of nowhere! There's where we meet Jenifer, an AWESOME MEXICAN GIRL who came, as she said, "To have a taste of the local dick". Frankly speaking, Mexico must have been getting too small for her, because under that innocent face she's here not to be wrecked, but to WRECK US to ruin. See how she handles badboy Edu! This buy becomes a toy in the hands of this luscious latina, and just gets dragged by her so she can, just like that, SUCK HER DICK NEXT TO THE RAILWAY: her present for a cold night commuters! From this point things can only go up, so we go to outr studios to let her bang Edu and toy with us. What a way to shake that petite tanned body! And she's here to offer a SEX RECITAL you should be watching by now. Jenifer is here to rock!

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Genre: Fakings, Lucia Fernandez, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Boobs

Lucia Fernandez - Trolling the rookie. Lucia makes sexual mobbing to the new candidate for Nino Polla... There's trouble in paradise... hahaha [HD 720P]

Video Description: Yes, you already know Lucia Fernandez AKA Lucia TETONA (for friends) you will know that she is not only a goddess of sex, with tons of lust and tits that could well be sculpted in the porn hall of fame... If not that, in addition, she is a charming girl and who knows how to dazzle the rookies that approach her (which is not very difficult, really) And today we have also decided to use her people skills to troll (always without malice) the rookie who comes to break into porn. How? We dress Lucia as a HORNY secretary and she will be in charge of welcoming the rookie, asking him the questions... Well, AS USUAL, but with a slight difference, and between questions, JOKE AND JOKE will do Touching, groping, showing her tits... And ultimately, making our misplaced friend horny... Lucia, after having a good time trolling, is horny, so enough of the jokes and let the mambo begin! ... We already want all this kind of jokes, right?

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Genre: Fakings, Inna Black, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Young

Inna Black - Buy some panties? And then skating? Well, now you better bring me someone "fast" so I can bang him. [HD 720P]

Video Description: This is getting out of hand. Such is the care we put into our actresses' whims we go shopping with them, so they can pick their panties and the toys they fancy... But, who can we say no to Inna Black? This southern girl deserves everything; and as proof of that, she dragged us to a park the kind she likes them, to try and swap those panties we so gladly bought her. Never hurts to have second opinion... Soon later, she shows us her new home surroundings, she's been in Madrid only for two weeks, but she's already well known! That's because of how much she likes to go skating on miniskirt... We can't blame her, a comfy outfit is prime in sports. But now not only she's tired, when we get back home she confesses she's been horny all day long. Lucky her, we're such provisioners, we had a good cock in reserve to end the day just like she likes; with a wild, naughty fuck; but what a pleasure is to see this girl enjoy her own nastiness. This is what you call a perfect day.

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Genre: Fakings, Pandora Vicius, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Boobs

Pandora Vicius - SUPERBUSTY v. KryptoCocks !!! Kinky BIG TITTED GODDESS begs for a cock that can live up to her [HD 720P]

Video Description: We had to find a girl that could match our Dick of Steel man. That paticular girl is Pandora Vicius and you can find her former incursions in porn here. Pandora comes with a single idea in her mind. She wants a debut on FAKings! And dudes, this Andalusian lady has the perfect tools to achieve it: No less than TWO HUGE NATURAL BOOBS we've been dreaming about since the first time we saw them. Pandora comes with A+ GRADE BOOBS and a Superwoman Tshirt, stating clearly her position. Because she wants a dick that can match her fat boobs. That can only be our porn Superman! And even if she starts the scene a bit shy, she looses herself bit by bit, and making a show of that front package, as she gets warmer and hornier by our masturbation: Behold, you'll feel like it's you in person who's fingering her! And now's the time when we ask pandora, if she really feels it, to shout for Mr Bobelo. And truly no superhero could resist Pandora's call. Mr Bobelo comes inmediately to enjoy that banging, and now there's no room for any more introductions, only a SUPERHERO SEX, the size only we can find!

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Genre: Fakings, Sweet Lolly, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Milf, Blonde

Sweet Lolly - The MILF Lolly is looking for her daddy... while having fun with almost inexperienced rookies. "I eat them whole...two for me?" [HD 720P]

Video Description: What would become of all those mature women, with vital experience who desperately need inexperienced young men and fuck them like BITCHES, if there was no MATURE CLUB? Today we bring a recently divorced SUPER MILF, who doesn't even want to hear about her husband (or ex-husband) and who wants to take boys to the bed, so she can feel like the she-wolf she hasn't been able to feel all this time. Sweet Lolly already debuted at a FAKings Casting, it seemed like she didn't fit the profile, but what ended up fitting her was a good COCK... And here she is again today! We had two rookies ready for her to turn over a new leaf with two very hard young cocks... But friends, direct stuff, one of them received an unexpected call and had to leave, Bad news for Lolly but very good news for the other rookie ! "What I know is that it's all for me" says the kid. THAT'S THE ATTITUDE! This is how we live at FAKings, always seeing solutions instead of problems. Well, I leave you with this delightful scene at full volume so that the moans of this Milf keep you WELL STUCK on the screen.

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Genre: Fakings, Barbara Grey, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore, Milf, Anal, Boobs

Barbara Grey - I LOVE IT IN THE ASS. Do you want to see my jewel? JIJIJI... We dress Barbara from DOMINATRIX and she will change the ANAL plug for a BIG COCK :) [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hello again FAKings!!!! You already know that we are the porn of the PEOPLE, and today we bring us something that we know you totally love. One of the greatest sections that you always talk to us about are the dearest MILFS, super mommies who show us their wisdom and light our path on the path of lust... BUT this doesn't end here, because something we know you love too is ANAL, right, folks? Few things give us more pleasure than seeing a tight ass being drilled, and seeing how the girl likes it more and more until she forgets everything and begins to moan until she cums like a BITCH. And what do you say if we put together MILFS and ANAL? That's when THE ALPHA and OMEGA of Hispanic preferences come together. And that is what we bring you today, companions. Barbara Grey, a super super HORNY, full of lust, who comes prepared with a diamond anal plug inserted so that Jason's big cock can enter her IN ONE! Obviously, as soon as our actor appears, Barbara (to whom we have given her a TOTAL DOMINATRIX outfit) jumps on his BIG DICK without thinking about it... Anyway, without a doubt, one of the great wonders of nature, A MILF DOING ANAL. I don't entertain you more than sure you have things to do (...) ENJOY IT!

Genre: Fakings, Michi, Latina, Spanish, Hardcore

Michi - What do women talk about? Michi: I'm gonna bang the heck out of this dude and eat his shaft 'till the balls 8-O [HD 720P]

Video Description: Right now, you should now we're kings of the real thing, and you won't find anything more real than this: :-D Today we've got Debutante Michi, a young Latina lady for whom the word "fiery" falls short, but we wanted to check firsthand her sluttiness and drop the handheld camera interviews, where we cannot pull two words from a girls' face. We've got the perfect way to let her loose! And that's using "girls' talk" to our advantage: we leave her alone with our friendly producer, in the hopes of her friendly mood can fish out all those confidences girls keep for themselves. Is it worth? Fucksure it is, we've got highlights as Michi talking about her love for huge cocks, those elbow-length ones, about how she loves to dress like a little whore... While she is trying clothes and showing her hot body. And speaking about cocks, who's the lucky one nailing this hot latina? Do you remember Valen Pink and her horny tiktoks? Well then, her neighbour is not mad at all: he saw himself fucking and he thinks he's got the stuff to do this! So here we have him: our idea is he comes into the chatroom, catching the girls in the act, while Michi is changing clothes and gives us hot latin ass shots. When the guy comes at last, Michi is horny enough (did we mention she loves to show herself?) and the guys comes ready to show he's a pro fucker. Now it's abot time to watch a hardcore fuck, a fiery blooded Latina and a banging that will ring in your ears long after watching it. You'll understand why ;-)

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