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Genre: Parasited, Rae Lil Black, Sonya Blaze, Lesbo

Rae Lil Black, Sonya Blaze - Relaxing time - November 4, 2022 [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Rae is having her free time in the jacuzzi, Sonya is cooking.
It's a relaxing girl time, but there's an uninvited guest.
A parasite just enters into Rae, parasiting her brain and controlling her mind.
Sonya is aware that Rae is infected, she tries to call for help, but is too late.
Rae jumps on her, the parasite infects Sonya too, with both girls having the best lesbian - mind controlled - sex they ever had.

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Genre: Parasited, Amirah Adara, Clemence Audiard, Lesbo

Amirah Adara, Clemence Audiard - Maid - September 30, 2022 [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Amirah, a successful woman, comes home to her apartment after a long days work
She begins to open her mail and focuses on one of her bills when she hears a knock at the door
Clemence enters the living room carrying some cleaning supplies. She is new Amirahs cleaning lady.
Even though Amirah is a strict business lady, she is pretty easy going. She talked for a bit with Clemence and goes to take a shower, where the parasite already waits for her.
Our hot brunette explodes with cum after the best masturbation in her life. So, now she comes for her new cleaning lady.
Shy redhead just finished to clean the living room when her boss arrives to posses her mind too

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Genre: Parasited, Alissa Foxy, Evelin Elle, Lesbo

Alissa Foxy, Evelin Elle - Bubble Trubble - November 19, 2022 [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: A cosy relaxing evening for Elle ended up unexpected...Alissa arrives acting really weird and says directly, that she is going to fuck brain of Elle and possess her pure naive mind.

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Genre: Parasited, Cherry Kiss, Valentina Nappi, Milf, Big ass, Hardcore

Cherry Kiss, Valentina Nappi - Office Pt.2 - September 23, 2022 [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Vince is waiting for his wife Valentina at home. He cannot find his place, he is worrying... Valentina didn't come home last night from the office. Even though it is a very typical behaviour for his wife. However today Vince felt that something was wrong and he wasn't mistaken.
Vince was trying to warn his wife that all the people are going insane all over the city, everybody fucks everywhere... However it was too late.
Now Valentina and Cherry are coming to suck and fuck the hell out of this poor man.

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Genre: Parasited, Alissa Foxy, Eve Sweet, Lesbo

Alissa Foxy, Eve Sweet - Camp - September 11, 2022 [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Finally, two childhood best friends get together in the countryside. Despite the luxurious life they both live, they decided to remember the old days and stay in a hostel. Alissa embarrassed her bestie with her lustful stories and questions, Eve blushed and didn't know what to say... However, when the long-haired beauty headed for the shower, our shy girl's mind was enslaved by the parasites of lust... Eve was losing liters of slime when Alissa returned to the room. And then the show began...

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Genre: Parasited, Jia Lissa, Tiffany Tatum, Lesbo

Jia Lissa, Tiffany Tatum - Gamers - August 14, 2022 [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Jia and Tiffany are the best gamers around, day and night girls putting the boy in the doggie. Winning them time after time.
Finally, Jia got bored and took a break and went to take a quick shower. And there a new fun awaited her: A parasite of lust and tons of slime... This little black monster jumped right into her cunt and made her mind full of lust and desire there. Jia returns to Tiffany, to taste her pussy and feed her with hot sweet slime...

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Genre: Parasited, Amirah Adara, Tiffany Tatum, Lesbo

Amirah Adara, Tiffany Tatum - A New Roommate - April 10, 2022 [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: It doesnt matter what kind of friendship there is.. Once one chick flirts with another chicks boyfriend, it wont end well. Unless one alien parasite crawls into the cunt of one of the rivals.

Amirah Adara had a fight with Tiffany Tatum about exactly that (about the boyfriend, the parasite will play a different role of course). After slamming the doors, the girls were distracted by their own business Until the little parasite decided to visit Amirah and bring her to multiple orgasms and take over her mind. Crawling up her juicy ass, he quickly got busy in her jeans. And then deep into her sweet pussy

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Genre: Parasited, Emiri Momota, Asian, Young

Emiri Momota - Birth [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Doctor Renato is on another late night shift, they're usually quiet with not much to do but this time it's entirely different. He has a patient who is not showing any signs of life, an Asian girl Emiri Momota, nude, and covered in some kind of slime. She is under alien mind control but he doesnt know it yet, instead as a true doctor, he disregards all red flags and goes straight to help the poor girl. He starts CPR and chest compressions on her seemingly lifeless body but to no avail. She's still not coming ... Read More

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