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Paola White - "I really want to meet you". Who can say NO to a goddess like Paola. Phone Bustings Returns by treachery and night [HD 720P]

Video Description: Yeah friends, you've read it right: PHONE BUSTINGS are back! And honestly, they do it BIG TIME, with none other than Paola White, a CUBAN GODDESS that lives in Leganes that back on the time she told us that shame was not for her. Today's test, the same for every one of our previous Phone Bustings: Paola will have to call several random dudes in the street, while public masturbating, and convince 'em to do a porno with her. Being Paola as she is, we suspect it's not going to take long... But time is not in our side! And she gets a refusal after another, by people that's not in the mood for fucking a Cuban broad at 11.00 pm. And frankly, it's their loss, 'cause at the end we do end up finding an Andalusian guy with the eagerness and the necesary bravery to accept Paola's offer. The die is cast! We take 'em to our studio so they can give it everything. And man, they sure do! Paola lets loose when she finds a handsome dude that knows how to fuck, and the aforementioned gives himself to the chance of banging that goddess. Nothing else to say! Just enjoy it :-D

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Paola White - La cubana de Leganes. La vecinita Paola se atreve con uno de esos RABOS DE CABALLO con los que recibimos a nuestras teens NEW!!! 23-09-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Friends, without meaning to, we are making Leganes the new city of sin. What does the south of Madrid have that is an ABSOLUTE pool of FAKings girls. Today we have Paola White, and yes, we know what she sounds like! This Cuban dazzled us with the camera hidden from her neighbor (the one who didn't take hints well). Obviously, SHE IS BACK to ask us to formalize as a PORN ACTRESS. And the fact is that this little neighbor was already messing around with making the guys at work extremely horny. What work? Well, neither more nor less than an erotic masseuse with happy endings... Do you understand why we say that this girl is the girl next door that we all wish we had? Well, it turns out that Paola is no longer satisfied with hidden cameras or with the happy endings of her clients; now he really wants to FUCK in front of the camera. And since we are the porn of the town, we welcome it with open arms! After a little walk around her neighborhood and having a drink to beat the heat, we take her to the studio where the magic will happen. Who will be the lucky? The young (but vigorous) Black Point, a Colombian with a tail up to the task... Let these two Latinos understand each other ;) Now it's your turn, friends. Get comfortable and enjoy!

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Paola White - Hi, I'm Paola, 22 years old, and I fuck my neighbour. He's a little thick, won't take my hints... But today he'll fall for me, I'm telling you tee hee hee NEW!!! 25-07-2022 [HD 720P]

Video Description: Hi, I'm Paola, 22 years old, and I fuck my neighbour. He's a little thick, won't take my hints... But today he'll fall for me, I'm telling you tee hee hee

Category: Latina / Teen