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Raven - Fit Babe's Anal Audition [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Food server Raven is next up on the backroomcastingcouch, and let me tell you, yall arent ready for this one. Ill start by saying, and we kinda glossed over it during the casting, but lovely Raven has the customary snake tattoo. You know what that means she'll let you put it anywhere you want. I'm not going to spend a ton of time gushing over this lovely candidate, but shes special. The personality, the hair, the eyes, the body, the butthole, yowza man. Rick gets her on the couch, and there isnt a dull moment from then on. She oozes personality as we get to know her during the interview. That pretty blue dress, is NOT doing the body she has hiding under any justice...

Category: Anal Sex / Teen

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Zoe - Weird Science: Anal Origin Story [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Welcome back and buckle up folks, this week is one hell of a ride. 23 year old pharmaceutical scientist Zoe is here. Zoe is sweet, petite, and has some amazing curves to boot. Shes also got red hair, and one of the biggest personality Ive ever had the pleasure of meeting. We start this amazing casting with Zoe being lost, and bewildered looking for the office. Rick greets her by pointing a camera in her face and she's walked into the office. Once inside, she sees that the lights are on and the cameras are running. Next, she's seated and off we go...

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Brianna - There's No Sex In The Champagne Room [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Weve got a hot and sexy MILF lined up for you this week. Briannas here and shes ready to take the next step towards being a pornstar. Brianna is already an exotic dancer. So shes already kinda in the adult industry, just a different facet than what we do here. Shes hot, she knows what she wants, and I'm sure she knows how to get it. Rick gets her in and has her sit on the couch. Shes put together really well, with the kind of confidence only a MILF could have. When its time to see what shes packing cause those tits are masssssive shes wearing a really great matching bra and panty set, and that garter belt is gonna give me something to hold on to...