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Ivy Aura - I'm Back Baby Girl [FullHD 1080P]

Video Description: Miles comes back from his trip to Europe and his daughter, Ivy is tired and has a HUGE attitude. Obviously mad that her dad was in Europe without her, he decides to show her his timestop watch, instantly freezing her on the couch.
Miles starts by taking her top off and pulling his cock out. He proceeds to force her to blow him, and then unfreezes her, causing her to scream and yell. He uses his watch again to timestop her so that he can have more fun.
Miles undresses the rest of the way and continues to face fucks her. He then slides her pants and underwear down, unfreezing her in the process, to her yelling and asking him what the fuck is going on.
As Miles freezes her again, He slowly starts fucking her from behind, enjoying the tight pussy. He pulls out and shoves his cock back into her mouth, face fucking her harder than before.
Soon Miles carries Ivy to the bed where he finishes taking off her jeans and holds her down as he plows her tight pussy. He cums hard in her, leaving her dripping and wet. He unfreezes her again to her yelling and trying to figure out what the fuck just happened.

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Video Description: A woman and her younger sister are hanging out just talking. Little do they know, the womans boyfriend is plotting to rape and kill her.
They chat it up for a bit, then the younger sister is off, planning to be back later.
Then, the boyfriend comes home. They make out and passions lead to the bedroom.
After an awesome slobbery blowjob, the boyfriend friend walks in on them. She does not understand why he is here. But, thing turn ugly fast with her boyfriend pulls out a switchblade and forced her to sick the other guys cock.
And, that is just to start.
What follow is a brutal rape with more then just penises going in more then just one hole.
Later, her younger, innocent, sweet sister returns and they attack and knock her out.
They decide she will be a nice addition to the party.

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Video Description: Trish is a financial advisor meeting with some clients. But things turn ugly with there motives become nefarious as they get revenge for their father, who was screwed over by this woman bad advise.
She is drugged.
They molest her, then take her to the bedroom where she is tied spread eagle on the bed.
They torment herboth sexually and with a taser. They take their time with hersavoring the moment. Revenge is ever so sweet!
Her clothing is removed and they rape her using toys and eventually forcing her to give them oral.
They fuck her all ways until they are satisfied and leave her weak and begging to be let go. But they keep her busy with another round of forced oral.
In the end, they violently strangle her to deathleaving her lifeless husk sprawled on the bed.

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Video Description: Local Weather Girl Rachel James is finishing up the evening weather report and excited to leave. She has been overworked and needs a break. She is getting so popular that she is now gaining stalkers. She insists to her boyfriend that everything will be okay, there is constant security around her. He suggests he grab some food alone, and she will meet him at home. She arrives home an hour later to find to white-masked intruders in her home. They grab her and immediately begin fondling her. She bites one of them and tries to get away, but they are too quick. They demand to know why they did not return any of their messages. These stalkers have taken things to another level, and will do anything to get close to the woman they love. They beat her on the ground with intensity using both their fists and their heels.
They prop her on her knees and take turns thrusting their cocks down her throat, the other holding her hands in the air so she cannot escape. They bend her over the couch, both upside and upright, and fuck her as she chokes on the others dick. Rachel is brought to her bedroom where they continue to share her pussy and mouth at the same time. She cries as they slap her in the face, forcing her to ride them reverse cowgirl, their hands wrapped around her neck.
The next phase of their plan forces Rachel into a deeper layer of submission. They bound her hands and feet together so that there is no change of her leaving. They leave her to struggle, alone on her bed before they come back for more. Forcing their cocks into her mouth, they grab her head and reach the back of her throat. She sloppily blows them as they abuse her mouth, their cock and her face covered in saliva. They finish her off with two loads of cum onto her tired and worn face. She believes they have taken all that they can from her. But there is once last phase to their plan. They sit her on the bed and use a length of rope to take her life. As they squeeze the nylon around her neck, her pussy is fingered, giving her one last glimpse of pleasure before the local Weather Girl expires.

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