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» Articles for 21.09.2012

Ну просто молодая нимфоманка / Giola (2011) HD 720p

Эта парочка любит потрахаться в самых необычных местах, и сегодня они решили трахнуться прямо на улице. Найдя укромное местечко, парень отодрал девушку и предложил отправиться в кафе. В туалете красотка по-прежнему хотела секса и принялась мастурбировать, ну а парню пришлось оттрахать эту шлюшку ещё и там

Category: Amateur

Совратила парня на приятный анальный секс / Hailey (2011) HD 720p

Симпатичная молоденькая девушка пришла в гости к своему парня, а он, не обращая на неё никакого внимания, сидел в чате за своим ноутбуком. Красотка очень хотела заняться сексом, и поэтому она начала делать парню массаж. Он оторвался от компьютера и, поцеловав девушку, потянулся к её молоденьким сиськам, а потом залез к подружке в трусики. Полизав её возбуждённую киску, парень дал девушке пососать свой член. Она с удовольствием взяла его в ротик и жадно сосала, а потом легла на пол, и парень принялся трахать её в киску. Немного погодя молодой человек решил засунуть свой член подружке в попу и, видя, что девушка не сопротивляется, классно оттрахал её тугую анальную дырочку. Для девчонки это был первый анальный секс, и он явно пришёлся ей по вкусу. Как только парень приблизился к оргазму, довольная подружка опять стала жадно сосать его ствол до тех пор, пока парень не кончил ей прямо в ротик, а она потом ещё долго лизала член, с наслаждением облизывая свои нежные губы

Category: Blonde

Горячая продавщица дает в магазине за наличные / Nadia Lopez

Парень пришел на барахолку и увидел горячую латинскую мамочку, которая продавала очки. Торговля шла плохо, а ей нужны были деньги для оплаты аренды. Он договорился о приятных услугах взамен на наличные. Мамочка быстро согласилась, закрыла магазин и спустила шортики...

Category: Amateur

Дала своему учителю / Staci Silverstone (2012) HD 720p

Staci Silverstone missed out on signing up for the trip to the planetarium, but she really wants to go. Professor Knight tells her that the tickets are already sold out, and there's nothing he can do for her. But Staci's persistent. So persistent that she tells him she'll do ANYTHING to get a ticket. To illustrate this, she pulls her professor's big dick out of his pants, stuffs it down his throat, and then gives him takes out her beautiful natural tits and gives him the best classroom sex of his life! That only happens once in a blue moon...

Category: Amateur

Колумбийская красота / Ana Ramirez (Colombian Beauty) (2012) HD 1080p

Сесксуальная сучка показывает себя

Category: Amateur

Anjelica - Heavenly Teen Masturbation! (2012) HD 1080p

You’re going to think you must’ve died and gone to heaven, when you see Russian cutie Angelica (aka Abby), her tight teen body, and milky skin. She’s a picture of pure innocence wearing a white flowing sheer blouse over a teeny tiny white bra, pink panties covering her cute little ass, and white socks for her lickably sweet feet. She starts to run her hands along her body, turning herself on, getting the juices flowing, and when she puts her hands down between her thighs she finds herself indeed dripping wet. Oh to be able to taste her nectar! She does just that and licks her fingers clean. Innocence turns to naughty when she takes off her clothes, revealing small perky tits and a wonderfully clean shaved pussy. Naughty turns to nasty when she brings out a little toy to assist her masturbation, taking both you and her to higher heights!
Category: Amateur

Nicole Ray and Marie McCray - Strip And Sex Poker Ep.4

Marie’s victorious performance in the end of Game 38 was exactly what made her take over Kris in that ultra-hot battle of theirs, so it was the little redhead who got the honorable right to choose the final cards. This was exactly then when the last traces of her seeming innocence faded away like a puff of smoke – the cards she chose for the finale were anything but decent. Did Marie turn out to be a little selfish just like all of the winners of the previous Games did? Of course – and that’s perfectly natural. Nevertheless, she took proper care of Kris and Nicole as well, which was something you can easily see here round after round. In the first final action she even spared herself from the opportunity to enjoy Kris’s cock voluntarily leaving the guy to take Nicole up her pussy from behind. But was it a purely selfless step of hers? No way – she had the blondie grinding on her fuzzy pink with her tongue and she was enjoying it damn much. The second final card was misinterpreted by the girls again – Nicole was already about to get down to grinding on Marie’s slit again while getting nailed by Kris when this all-seeing dude noticed that his babes were actually supposed to do everything vice versa. Thus, it was Marie who ended up yelling bloody murder while getting a really hard pussy stretching from behind and it was Nicole whose slit got some of that licking. Still, it looked like Kris was drilling Marie way too hard for her to focus on the blondie, so Nicole was even kind of happy to hear that in the course of the third final round she was going to poke herself with a vibrator while watching her boyfriend do Marie doggy-style.
Category: Amateur

Deborah - Young Cute Girl Cured Of Her Boyfriend

Mike told his girlfriend that he could not go out with her because he fall ill. But he just wanted to stay home alone and play some video games. But he could not even think that Deborah would come to treat him. So it was time for his excellent acting. Cute babe gave him some vitamins and suddenly the guy noticed how short her skirt was. He felt his cock getting hard and it was time to show Deborah what is a real hardcore. Mike stuck his cock deep in girl's poon
Category: Amateur

Кончилась учеба можно и потрахаться на будущее..

Самая настоящая оргия студентов, где молодые только закончили свой универ и празднуют у девушки дома, каждый трахается с кем попало..
Category: Group Sex

Развел красотку на жаркий секс

Раздел полностью девушку и потрахал как шалаву, эта красотка сама виновата потому что повелась с незнакомым парнем..
Category: Amateur

Garcia - Hard Group Sex With A Beautiful Girl

Garcia is minding her own business reading a book on her sofa when two masked men quite literally jump her. She is so shocked that she doesn't know what to do. However when the adrenaline kicks in and she sees what their intentions are she loses control and goes along with what they have planned. Garcia ends up being the best lay these guys have ever had; she is as horny as a crack whore looking for a fix! That must have been a pretty shit book
Category: Amateur

Anastasia - Nice Sex With Sexy Dissolute Coed

If Anastasia knew that the old teacher would fuck her she would probably study harder. Teen babe failed the test and came to ask for the second chance. Ugly tutor said that the only chance he could gave her was in his pants. Old man unzipped them and pushed his wrinkled cock between the pinkish lips of sexy babe. Anastasia was absolutely not excited with the idea of having sex with an old man, but there was no way back, so she relaxed and tried to get maximum pleasure from fucking with her teacher. Skinny teen coed rode his cock and sucked it until the old man fed her with cum
Category: Amateur
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Category: Anal Sex
Category: Anal Sex